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Arthritis and Pain
Practitioner : Lois Kraft
Topic :Pain Management
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Blog Description : This is my first blog and I have chosen to write about arthritis pain since I have two clients in particular who deal with this issue. I have worked with people concerning pain in their bodies and have always been able to help them achieve total relief in just one session - back pain, knee pain, joint pain, and pain due to muscle injury.  Headaches can usually always be tracked down and resolved, but those with arthritis pain seem to be more of a challenge for helping them alleviate this pa [...]
Arthritis Pain
18 June,2015
This is a follow-up of my previous blog post from October, 2014. The research and approaches we took for relief of arthritis pain finally paid off. One of my ladies has finally found full and lasting relief of her rheumatoid arthritis pain back in February of this year, and it is still gone! I realize that in dealing with long-term pain, at times we need to simply deal with the underlying issues and then give the physical body time to heal itself. With this lady we had to cover a few a [...]
Taking Care of Yourself First
Practitioner : Rachel Hazelwood
Topic :Health / Wellness
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Blog Description : Lately so many of my clients have been exhibiting a profound resistance to healing. They make the appointment. They show up. Therefore, they must all want the healing work. Right? But there is something in them that does not want to “go there”, even though another part of them recognizes that the time has finally come. Before we work on the issue that brought them in, we must first deal with that resistance itself.
Clients come in patterns. I am not sure if the patterns hav [...]
Be Kind to Yourself
25 July,2012
This week's trend in my clients has been people who are terribly hard on themselves. The mindset is, "I should be over this by now". Why? If no one validated your experience, and even you have not validated your experience, how in the world do you expect yourself to be "over it"? Forgive yourself that you aren't perfect. Perfectionism is the enemy of good. Why beat yourself up over being unable to attain the impossible?

Instead tell yourself, I choose to feel as good as I can [...]
Expressing Our Unique Brilliance
Practitioner : Deborah Donndelinger
Topic :General EFT
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Blog Description : The consistent theme of my work with clients is helping them realize their unique brilliance.  EFT is one of the profound tools that helps us clear the past so that we can see our gifts. I write on a variety of subjects related to Expressing our Unique Brilliance.
The Brilliance of Getting to Zero
30 April,2012
A reminder of the power of getting to ZERO!
Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, used the word “persistent” quite a bit when teaching and writing about EFT.  In his manual, he uses the word persistent 21 times.  He consistently advised folks to get to zero intensity when tapping. 

Often folks will get to a one or two and stop there. Some of the reasons for this are: Thinking it doesn’t matterThinking it will be too hardThinking the results already gotten are [...]
Parenting Beyond Words
Practitioner : Kathy Whitham
Topic :Children's Issues
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Blog Description : The purpose of my blog is to help parents restore peace at home by learning to speak their child's language and support them in using EFT to deactivate their buttons when they get pushed.
Why is a HOLDING HAND sometimes better than a HELPING HAND?
26 April,2012
How hard is it for you to see your child frustrated or unhappy? Don't you sometimes just want to jump in and fix it for them! I know I used to do that a LOT when my kids were small…

It's undenyable that you need to jump in when necessary. However, in order for your child to have the self-confidence you desire for them - the self-confidence that will allow your child to feel really good about him or herself - it's crucial to strengthen you child's inner resources.

My [...]
What?? Emotional Landfill?
Practitioner : Lori Barnett
Topic :Health / Wellness
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Blog Description : When you're throwing away your trash or unwanted items do you ever wonder where it goes? It’s important to remember that the stuff we throw away doesn't go away — it goes to a landfill where it is buried ... and there it stays — for years and years. But this post isn’t about trash. This is about your personal, emotional landfill. We all have our own emotional landfill inside of us where we bury the hurts, the disappointments and all the unresolved emotional traumas that we don't want [...]
If you don't have Your Health
22 April,2012
I went to Oklahoma last week for some training in Faster EFT. I’m not sure if it was the plane, the hotel or the work that I was doing but I somehow caught a cold. As soon as I got home I spent 3 full days sleeping and blowing my nose. I was so excited to come back and share what I had learned and instead I was down for the count. I experienced so many thoughts and emotions while being sick, the most important being, If you don’t feel well, life is not much fun. My husband kept telling me [...]
Merkel, Ph.D.
NET Tapping Can Relieve Vertigo
Practitioner : Anne Merkel, Ph.D.
Topic :Serious Illnessess
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Blog Description : Vertigo is a horrible sensation that we all want to avoid, however it affects many people – for a variety of reasons. As a practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) when a client reports to me with vertigo I share with him/her the concept of a connection between the ileocecal valve and vertigo, related possibly to foods, drink, or other chemicals that had been ingested within the previous 24 hours. Our body is such a wonderful organism, and it is important that we approach [...]
Beauty and Aging Without Stress
18 April,2012
Some frequently asked questions in our society today include: “Why do some people fight their weight while others easily stay slim?” “Why do some people age gently while others seem ravaged by time and gravity?”“Why do certain seemingly healthy people end up dying of cancer, heart attack, or some other disease or condition?” I’d like to address here the common denominators that tie all of these critical questions into one body of information [...]
Adele And Her Award-Winning Stress
Practitioner : Mia Doucet
Topic :Anxiety
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Blog Description : Did you read that Adele, the 23-year old British hit maker of Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You, fears she will die young because of stress?   In her words, "Oh my God, I'm crippled by fear. I have awful stage fright. I don't know what possesses me to do it. I think I'm going to die young from having so much stress all the time."   In other news releases we heard about her fear of losing her voice. Unable to function without her mother and unable to live on h [...]
EFT Offers Hope For Victims Of Sexual Violence
26 January,2012
We’ve been reading a lot recently about high profile cases of hidden sexual violence against boys and girls in professional hockey, football, swimming and judo. Now the US government has just this week released their report of an in-depth phone survey of sexual violence. The report confirms that rape and sexual violence are far more common than previously thought. We read that nearly 1 in 5 women report having been raped in their lifetime. And as if it could be worse, 40 percent of the victim [...]
Tapping for Negative Self-Talk
Practitioner : Judy Wolvington
Topic :General EFT
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Blog Description : Did you know that up to 90% of our subconscious mind is filled with negative, counterproductive thoughts? That’s what Dr. Bruce Lipton reports, in his book The Biology of Belief. This negativity, if not reprogrammed, bubbles up as negative self-talk. Bruce Lipton stated that EFT is a great technique to use for reprogramming our not-so-helpful beliefs. Did you know that the words we say to ourselves are contributing to the creation of our lives? When we are constantly beating up on ourselves, [...]
Embracing Your Shadow with EFT
06 November,2011
Didn’t know you had a “shadow”? It’s your ego, the part of yourself that is driven by fear. Want to embrace it and let it go? Or learn how to bring light to it? EFT (tapping) is an amazing resource for working with your shadow. Once you learn how to manage the shadow with EFT, you will be able to control and avert self-sabotage and negative self-talk, and clear blocks to success. The ultimate result: more peace, love, and joy in your life.
We have many parts within our shadow:
Ple [...]
Way Healthy
Practitioner : JoAnn SkyWatcher
Topic :General EFT
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Blog Description : Way Healthy includes stories that I hope will inspire you to use EFT.  I will cover a wide range of topics including weight management, pain reduction, increasing joy, and much, much more. Whenever possible I will include EFT scripts that you can work from and adapt. 
Claustrophobia Cleared on the Way to a Casino
25 June,2011
EFT can be done almost anywhere. Though I don't necessarily recommend it while driving, I must admit that I did it today. I drove my 91 year old mother and her dear friend “Irene” to a casino this morning. Irene sat in front with me. She asked if I had had a bone density test, admitting that she was afraid to get one. I asked her why, and she replied that it was like an MRI, and she felt claustrophobic when she was in such close quarters. I told her that EF [...]
Embracing Pregnancy After Loss
Practitioner : Grant & Julie Horsfall
Topic :Grief
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Blog Description : This blog addresses ways to have a great pregnancy after having already said goodbye to a baby, or maybe more than one baby. How to have that confidence again, like you did the first time. How to feel assured about the outcome. How to stay sane. How to feel calm for your baby's sake.
I let go of the need to control
10 March,2011
By the time I became pregnant with our third baby, I had already done lots of tapping on our first two baby losses (a miscarried baby and a stillborn). Being able to use EFT during the grieving of our two precious souls was a real blessing, and I highly recommend it to other grieving parents too. I wanted to be calm for the birth of our next baby, and had a few routines to assist me in this endeavour each day. One of them was to listen to Jessica Ortner's Surr [...]

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