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Heidi Garis, M.S.W., NCTMB
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Byrne Skype mentoring group
04/14/15 | United Kingdom
Share, offload, celebrate, question, reflect.
Frank, EFT Universe Trainer AHP EFT Tapping Level 1 & 2 Training Salt Lake City Region, May 1-3, 2015
05/01/15 | United States
Emotional Freedom Techniques, Combined EFT Level 1 and 2 Training *Level One can be taken separately, although no CEs can be given for health care professionals with attendance of Level 1 without Level 2. Contact us for details/registration for Level 1 by itself (360) 331 5565 or craig@efttapping ...
Byrne EFT practitioner training with EFT Master Judy Byrne
04/25/15 | United Kingdom
Class Description : This is where you can build further on the solid foundations of y ...
Frank, EFT Universe Trainer EFT Universe Clinical EFT Level 2, Seattle Region
03/29/15 | United States
This two day EFT tapping training reviews and expands upon the basics of EFT tapping training taught in Level 1. Additional techniques are taught to expand your repertoire and offer skillful and effective ways of working with different client populations and expanding your ability to work with deepe ...

Financial Success with EFT

Financial Success with EFT- audio program A step-by-step program for having and keeping financial abundance and improving your relationship with yourself and money \"I\'ve made more aff ...

Attracting Abundance with EFT

Available in paperback and e-book with audio recordings If you are tired of not having enough money, time, love or success, then this is the book for you! In an easy to follow style, this book comb ...

The De-Stress ToolBox™

The De-Stress ToolBox™ contains 4 Live Workshop DVDs - ALSO includes a De-Stress ToolBox Action Guide containing exercises, stories, quotes, journaling questions, and more What is on the DVDs: * ...

EFT Personal Peace Procedure Workbook

The EFT Personal Peace Procedure is the key to freeing yourself from the pain of the unresolved negative life experiences. It is the healing centerpiece of EFT. This workbook recognizes that many o ...

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EFT Tapping and Losing Someone you Love

EFT Tapping and Losing Someone you Love EFT Tapping and Losing Someone you Love

Start into a good day with EFT!

Start into a good day with EFT! Begin your day with some refreshing and empowering rounds of EFT!

four minute reprogram of the subconscious

four minute reprogram of the subconscious reprogram the subconscious

Intro to EFT with the 9 Basic Tapping Points

Intro to EFT with the 9 Basic Tapping Points A brief introduction and demonstration of the 9 Tapping Points by Sheri Cooke Womens Coach for Perma ...

EFT Morning Tapping

EFT Morning Tapping Start the day with positive affirmations and thoughts.

Tapping for Hope

Tapping for Hope Its all in the title.

EFT and Simple Energy Techniques - Steve Wells TV Segment

EFT and Simple Energy Techniques - Steve Wells TV Segment EFT and Simple Energy Techniques - Steve Wells TV Segment

EFT for Betrayal and Unfairness

EFT for Betrayal and Unfairness Use EFT to release feelings of betrayal and unfairness.

Tapping For People Pleasers: Here for Everybody Else – But What About Me?

Abstract: We all develop survival strategies early on in our lives to stay safe and to secure as much love and attention as possible. T ...

Clearing Clutter

Clearing Clutter for Clarity and Confidence By Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master Messy homes, cars or offices are comm ...

The Struggle Within

Why can I not find peace with myself? Why can I not love myself? Why can I not forgive myself? Some reflections.... Without a doubt, a ...

EFT for World Crisis

Some people have suggested that doing surrogate EFT tapping for the present world leaders might he helpful in stemming the tide of fear ...


Financial Forward Movement
02/23/10 | Submitted by Mike Siener

Financial forward movement, yep...thats 1/4 of what you need to attend to to have absolute success in your life- the other 3 things are ...

Tapfest 2009 on BlogTalkRadio
01/20/09 | Submitted by Jade Barbee

Today I had the privilege of being asked to lead a few rounds of tapping at the first 2009 Tapfest - it was incredibly exhilarating an ...

Take Control of Your Health
10/30/08 | Submitted by Alex Ortner

Take Control of Your HealthAs the managing partner for the film "Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" ( I'v ...

Validation Can It Be Done With EFT
01/20/09 | Submitted by Michele Price

I have been thinking of how to feature these video here for months and finally I said heck I will never find a perfect way to do it so ...