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34 Instant Stress-Busters Book

Stress is taking a tremendous toll in deteriorating physical and mental health, relationships, work and school performance. People can easily integrate the quick tips in this book into their bu ...

Weight No More TeleCoaching Program

Learn permanent weight release strategies from a nurse who lost 100lbs three times and released it permanently at last! Five TeleCoaching Classes plus lots of extras. EFT is an integral part of this ...

Ultimate Pro EFT Level 1 Workbook

If you can\'t make it to one of our live workshops, then this Ultimate Level 1 Workbook, coupled with the Basic EFT teleclass audio, is the next best thing. Buy it already printed, and spiral bound, o ...

Get-A-Grip Coaching

Specializing in helping successful people on a life-long path of professional and personal growth, or spiritual development, who have come to point where they need an experienced guide to move through ...

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Surrogate Healing with EFT

Surrogate Healing with EFT EFT Virtuoso Teresa Bolen Okamoto gives you a very simple explanation on how to do Surrogate Healing ...

EFT Matrix Reimprinting

EFT Matrix Reimprinting EFT Matrix Reimprinting demonstration and Theory

EFT Tips (#7)

EFT Tips (#7) Here are a few tips for aspiring users of EFT. Making the critical Psychological Reversal step more ...

EFT for Betrayal and Unfairness

EFT for Betrayal and Unfairness Use EFT to release feelings of betrayal and unfairness.


EFT for PTSD Tapping for PTSD.

Intro to EFT with the 9 Basic Tapping Points

Intro to EFT with the 9 Basic Tapping Points A brief introduction and demonstration of the 9 Tapping Points by Sheri Cooke Womens Coach for Perma ...

EFT Golf Tapping Intro

EFT Golf Tapping Intro Steve of EFTGolf.com offers an introduction to the art of EFT, and how it can improve your game dras ...

Learn How to Do EFT- Part One

Learn How to Do EFT- Part One Learn How To Do EFT - Part One

4 Tips for De-Stressing Your Emotions

Emotional stress comes from the reaction to fear. Anytime we feel threatened by situations we cannot control, fear arises. Emotional re ...

11 Questions to Ask an EFT Practitioner – And What to Look for in Their Answers

We all know it’s a good idea to speak with an EFT practitioner and ask questions to find out if the practitioner is a good match to u ...

No More Chips!!!!

Like many EFT practitioners, I first learned about EFT when the technique was used on me. The first time, EFT helped eliminate ice cre ...

People\'s Reactions to a Baby\'s Death

To lose a baby at any stage can be an enormous loss to deal with, whether it is a miscarriage, a stillborn baby, perinatal death, ...


The Brilliance of Getting to Zero
04/30/12 | Submitted by Deborah Donndelinger

A reminder of the power of getting to ZERO!Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, used the word “persistent” quite a bit when teaching a ...

Claustrophobia Cleared on the Way to a Casino
06/25/11 | Submitted by JoAnn SkyWatcher

EFT can be done almost anywhere. Though I don't necessarily recommend it while driving, I must admit that I did it toda ...

Drama Mongering
03/07/12 | Submitted by Kelly Roughton

I have a friend who is very involved at the moment in politics, feminism, human rights and injustices of all sorts. It's very praisewor ...

Financial Forward Movement
02/23/10 | Submitted by Mike Siener

Financial forward movement, yep...thats 1/4 of what you need to attend to to have absolute success in your life- the other 3 things are ...