Jef Gazley, D.CEP, LMFT
United States
Mia Doucet
Tianna Galgano
United States
Tina Marian, RN, BSN CHHC EFT Expert
United States
George Mitwasi, Ph.D., MBA, EFT Cert-I
United States
Susan Bushell
Lillian Moore
United States
Mary Madeline
Mary Madeline Day
United States
Sue Beer &
Sue Beer & Emma Roberts
United Kingdom
Tania Prince
United Kingdom
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Get-A-Grip Coaching

Specializing in helping successful people on a life-long path of professional and personal growth, or spiritual development, who have come to point where they need an experienced guide to move through ...

Weight No More TeleCoaching Program

Learn permanent weight release strategies from a nurse who lost 100lbs three times and released it permanently at last! Five TeleCoaching Classes plus lots of extras. EFT is an integral part of this ...

Guided Meditations~Volume One

Six Guided Meditation CDs: 1. Relaxing Your Body & Mind 2. Creating Your Sacred Space 3. Accessing Your Inner Wisdom 4. Creating Your Energy Shield 5. Energizing Your Life 6. Y ...

Freedom at Your Fingertips (Book)

I'm proud to offer the EFT book which I co-authored, titled "Freedom at Your Fingertips" This book, written by 20 World-Class EFT practitioners, is different from anything else currently available. ...

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Basic EFT Demonstration Video

Basic EFT Demonstration Video Clear and simple step-by-step demonstration of the basic EFT technique by Aila Accad, RN, EFT-Advanc ...

Tapping for Hope

Tapping for Hope Its all in the title.

How To Attract Your Ideal Relationship, Career and Business

How To Attract Your Ideal Relationship, Career and Business How To Attract Your Ideal Relationship, Career and Business

Tapping for the Highly Sensitive Temperament

Tapping for the Highly Sensitive Temperament Presentation and tapping at a live EFT Master Showcase

EFT Tapping Points and Basic Recipe

EFT Tapping Points and Basic Recipe EFT Tapping Points and Basic Recipe

Christian EFT 2c

Christian EFT 2c This segment begins the instruction of the actual basic EFT protocol. An actual sequence working on ...

EFT for feeling Overwhelmed

EFT for feeling Overwhelmed Use EFT daily to release a feeling of overwhelm

Jodi, from Try It On Everything...One Year Later

Jodi, from Try It On Everything...One Year Later Many people who have watched the movie, "Try It On Everything," want to know if we are still doing o ...

TriBrain Trauma Therapy

When someone experiences a trauma they go into immediate shock. This is very similar to hypnosis. Under hypnosis a person is more sugge ...

Double the Benefits

Here’s a great story worth sharing to show the unexpected and terrific results that often happen with EFT. “Mary” worked as a wai ...

How to Have a Great Day Every Day

Sometimes it\'s the simple things that can have the greatest impact on our lives. Allow me to share this empowering, simple exercise w ...

Cognitive Shifts

Lecturing a client instead of fostering his or her own development of cognitive shifts while tapping can be disempowering as well as in ...


The Brilliance of Getting to Zero
04/30/12 | Submitted by Deborah Donndelinger

A reminder of the power of getting to ZERO!Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, used the word “persistent” quite a bit when teaching a ...

Arthritis Pain
06/18/15 | Submitted by Lois Kraft

This is a follow-up of my previous blog post from October, 2014. The research and approaches we took for relief of arthritis pain ...

84 Year Old Man With Frozen Shoulder
08/12/09 | Submitted by Connie Russell NHC

My Dad has had a problem with his back for many years. It has affected his shoulder and has caused him not to be able to lift his arm h ...

Claustrophobia Cleared on the Way to a Casino
06/25/11 | Submitted by JoAnn SkyWatcher

EFT can be done almost anywhere. Though I don't necessarily recommend it while driving, I must admit that I did it toda ...