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Prince EFT Level 1 and 2 Training With EFT Master Tania A Prince
07/24/15 | United Kingdom
This is an in-depth, intensive training course that provides plenty of opportunity for attendees to practice in supervised conditions. It is full of live demonstrations. The course is intended for those who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of EFT for their own personal use. It is also for those ...
Sutton EFT Level 2 Training, AAMET Approved
10/10/15 | United Kingdom
AAMET Approved EFT Level 2 Training Extending level 1 theory and practice for more in-depth work for self and others. Training to Level 2 is followed by post course exam, case studies and supervision for those who wish to gain EFT practitioner Certification Trainers: This course is run by Pho ...
Emma Roberts AAMET Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Training
07/22/15 | United Kingdom
Our aim in teaching at this level is to develop a community of top level EFT professionals with the skills and personal qualities to have their work make a real impact in the world. This training is for serious students who are keen to keep learning and growing, personally and professionally. The tr ...
Emma Roberts The Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques (IET) Module 2
05/16/15 | United Kingdom
Imagine combining the very best ways to communicate with the unconscious mind naturally and conversationally with the power of tapping? Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing you have a blend of the latest, most effective and ecological change and transformation processes?at your finger tips ...

Try It On Everything

In this movie, you'll meet 10 people from around the country with a variety of challenges, such as PTSD, chronic back pain, fear of public speaking, Fybromyalgia, abudance blocks, weight loss, smoking ...

Guided Meditations~Volume One

Six Guided Meditation CDs: 1. Relaxing Your Body & Mind 2. Creating Your Sacred Space 3. Accessing Your Inner Wisdom 4. Creating Your Energy Shield 5. Energizing Your Life 6. Y ...

The De-Stress ToolBox™

The De-Stress ToolBox™ contains 4 Live Workshop DVDs - ALSO includes a De-Stress ToolBox Action Guide containing exercises, stories, quotes, journaling questions, and more What is on the DVDs: * ...

Ultimate Pro EFT Level 1 Workbook

If you can\'t make it to one of our live workshops, then this Ultimate Level 1 Workbook, coupled with the Basic EFT teleclass audio, is the next best thing. Buy it already printed, and spiral bound, o ...

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EFT for PTSD Tapping for PTSD.

EFT for Betrayal and Unfairness

EFT for Betrayal and Unfairness Use EFT to release feelings of betrayal and unfairness.

How to Remove the Fear of Not Enough Money with EFT

How to Remove the Fear of Not Enough Money with EFT How to Remove the Fear of Not Enough Money with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT An EFT demonstration for anxiety.

Basic EFT Demonstration Video

Basic EFT Demonstration Video Clear and simple step-by-step demonstration of the basic EFT technique by Aila Accad, RN, EFT-Advanc ...

How To Do EFT Part 2

How To Do EFT Part 2 The continuation of EFT Virtuoso Teresa Bolen Okamoto\'s very simple explanation of how to do EFT, t ...

Clearpoint Center with Steve Munn

Clearpoint Center with Steve Munn Get a glimpse into the ClearPoint Center in Stafford Springs, CT (where the film "Try It On Everythi ...

EFT Matrix Reimprinting

EFT Matrix Reimprinting EFT Matrix Reimprinting demonstration and Theory

Why Am I Not Getting Results Tapping?

I get notes all the time from folks with questions about how to use EFT (or MTT, as many are calling it now, or just plain tapping. I\' ...

EFT with Children - Reducing Childhood Baggage

The following episode with my 5 year-old son Anton made me yet again so grateful for having EFT in my parenting toolbox that I want all ...

Attracting Financial Abundance - How Do I Use EFT Tapping?

Want to Tap for Financial Abundance? BUT... Not Sure What to Tap On?Using EFT for Abundance issues can be very effective however, learn ...

Releasing Financial Stress From Your Body

My client showed me a letter from her company announcing that they would no longer be honoring their severance package agreement with h ...


Keep Tapping Anyway!
02/03/11 | Submitted by Jodi McDonald

At the conclusion of a typical Meta-ET ™ session, you will feel free, empowered, loved, grateful and blissful. Not bad, huh? This i ...

84 Year Old Man With Frozen Shoulder
08/12/09 | Submitted by Connie Russell NHC

My Dad has had a problem with his back for many years. It has affected his shoulder and has caused him not to be able to lift his arm h ...

Financial Forward Movement
02/23/10 | Submitted by Mike Siener

Financial forward movement, yep...thats 1/4 of what you need to attend to to have absolute success in your life- the other 3 things are ...

I let go of the need to control
03/10/11 | Submitted by Grant & Julie Horsfall

By the time I became pregnant with our third baby, I had already done lots of tapping on our first two baby losses (a miscarr ...