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Merkel, Ph.D. EFT Energy Therapy Practitioners\' Mastermind Tapping Group
10/15/14 | United States
Mastermind and Tapping Group for EFT Practitioners utilizing or incorporating EFT plus other Energy Therapy modalities into a practice, with discussion and training from experienced experts on live twice-monthly calls. Open sharing, technique enhancements, practice building, and Practitioner support ...
Emma Roberts The Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques Module 2
11/14/14 | United Kingdom
This diploma is in 3 modules Imagine combining the very best ways to communicate with the unconscious mind naturally and conversationally with the power of tapping? Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing you have a blend of the latest, most effective and ecological change and transformati ...
Walton EFT Tapping Intensive
10/04/14 | United States
A healing day for you! Learn the fundamentals of EFT/Tapping and then spend the day working on a stubborn issue, pain (emotional or physical), or a block to accomplishing something you really want until you get the breakthough you have been wanting. Our focus during this day is to facilitate change ...
Prince EFT Level 3 (Advanced) Practitioner Training
11/01/14 | United Kingdom
Many of the approaches taught on the course have been developed by Tania, including an introduction to Deep State RePatterning. DSR works with deep roots of issues creating profound change. It deals with areas of experience not commonly explored by more main stream EFT approaches, which include: pas ...

Freedom at Your Fingertips (Book)

I'm proud to offer the EFT book which I co-authored, titled "Freedom at Your Fingertips" This book, written by 20 World-Class EFT practitioners, is different from anything else currently available. ...

34 Instant Stress-Busters Book

Stress is taking a tremendous toll in deteriorating physical and mental health, relationships, work and school performance. People can easily integrate the quick tips in this book into their bu ...

Core Issues System(tm)

Core Issues System(tm) The Proven Step-by-Step Formula to Identify and Eliminate the 10 Core Issues for Spectacular Results that Last in EFT Sessions \"You were made to teach Core Issues!\" ...

Try It On Everything

In this movie, you'll meet 10 people from around the country with a variety of challenges, such as PTSD, chronic back pain, fear of public speaking, Fybromyalgia, abudance blocks, weight loss, smoking ...

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EFT FOR ANXIETY Tuning in on the anxious feelings you are having in the now. Tapping and disolving them using the ph ...


EFT and LOA Over 32,000 views on YouTube chronicals my process for how to marry EFT and LOA. Tap while you view ...

EFT Introduction

EFT Introduction An introduction to EFT and how it works.

Tap away resistance and procrastination

Tap away resistance and procrastination A light-hearted sequence to laugh away procrastination. You do not have to sit there in conflict any ...

The Golden Gate Technique

The Golden Gate Technique Watch as Lindsay Kenny describes her "Golden Gate" technique. It's an easy and effective way to tran ...

eft with tuning forks

eft with tuning forks this video teaches you how to use an ohm tuning fork and a crystal to accelerate the results of eft

Try It On Everything with Jodi

Try It On Everything with Jodi Law of Attraction, EFT, and "Try It On Everything!"

How to do EFT

How to do EFT A clear introduction to the use of words with the Tapping Points

8 Suggestions on How to Hear Yourself

I have come to realize that one of the most difficult things for many of us to do and one that can be extremely important when applying ...

PTSD is NOT Forever

By Tom Porpiglia, MS, EFT-ADV, LMHC, Vietnam Veteran The American military provides the finest training and has the most sophisticated ...

Fear of water vanishes in toddler

Kamala is a sweet little three-year-old girl who happens to be my goddaughter. She has beautiful blue eyes just like her mother, Krist ...

Saving Money Thru EFT

Here’s a great story I wanted to pass along to share how I was able to save an acquaintance $500 with 20 minutes of EFT! I was vis ...


Take Control of Your Health
10/30/08 | Submitted by Alex Ortner

Take Control of Your HealthAs the managing partner for the film "Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" (www.Rawfor30days.com) I'v ...

84 Year Old Man With Frozen Shoulder
08/12/09 | Submitted by Connie Russell NHC

My Dad has had a problem with his back for many years. It has affected his shoulder and has caused him not to be able to lift his arm h ...

I let go of the need to control
03/10/11 | Submitted by Grant & Julie Horsfall

By the time I became pregnant with our third baby, I had already done lots of tapping on our first two baby losses (a miscarr ...

Claustrophobia Cleared on the Way to a Casino
06/25/11 | Submitted by JoAnn SkyWatcher

EFT can be done almost anywhere. Though I don't necessarily recommend it while driving, I must admit that I did it toda ...