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Bennie Naude
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Meg Deak, MCAT; LPC; EFT-Cert-1
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Byrne Skype mentoring group
04/14/15 | United Kingdom
Share, offload, celebrate, question, reflect.
Byrne EFT Practitoner training with EFT Master Judy Byrne
07/11/15 | United Kingdom
This is for you if you have done an EFT Level 1 and now want to take tapping into your therapy practice or if you just want to learn more about EFT for yourself.  The weekend will include demonstrations, practice sessions and plenty of chances to have your questions answered. Judy Byrne is an A ...
Emma Roberts EFT Centre AAMET Level 2 Practitioner Training with Emma Roberts & Sue Beer
03/07/15 | United Kingdom
EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training/Ongoing Self-Development Level 2 Practitioner Training is the next step towards excellence after attending the Level 1 Introductory Workshop. The 2 day training is open to anyone who has completed an AAMET Level 1 Workshop, whether interested in becoming a certifi ...
Emma Roberts EFT Centre AAMET Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Training with Emma Roberts & Sue Beer
11/20/14 | United Kingdom
As well as being amongst the first in the world to achieve the EFT Master designation we have expert knowledge and experience in the very finest ways of working with indirect hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and psycho-spiritual approaches ? for example 12 Steps, A Course in Miracles, The Work of Byron Katie ...

Try It On Everything

In this movie, you'll meet 10 people from around the country with a variety of challenges, such as PTSD, chronic back pain, fear of public speaking, Fybromyalgia, abudance blocks, weight loss, smoking ...

The De-Stress ToolBox™

The De-Stress ToolBox™ contains 4 Live Workshop DVDs - ALSO includes a De-Stress ToolBox Action Guide containing exercises, stories, quotes, journaling questions, and more What is on the DVDs: * ...

Ultimate Pro EFT Level 1 Workbook

If you can\'t make it to one of our live workshops, then this Ultimate Level 1 Workbook, coupled with the Basic EFT teleclass audio, is the next best thing. Buy it already printed, and spiral bound, o ...

Attracting Abundance with EFT

Available in paperback and e-book with audio recordings If you are tired of not having enough money, time, love or success, then this is the book for you! In an easy to follow style, this book comb ...

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EFT Matrix Reimprinting

EFT Matrix Reimprinting EFT Matrix Reimprinting demonstration and Theory

eft with tuning forks

eft with tuning forks this video teaches you how to use an ohm tuning fork and a crystal to accelerate the results of eft

Basic EFT Demonstration Video

Basic EFT Demonstration Video Clear and simple step-by-step demonstration of the basic EFT technique by Aila Accad, RN, EFT-Advanc ...

Jodi, from Try It On Everything...One Year Later

Jodi, from Try It On Everything...One Year Later Many people who have watched the movie, "Try It On Everything," want to know if we are still doing o ...

EFT for feeling Overwhelmed

EFT for feeling Overwhelmed Use EFT daily to release a feeling of overwhelm

EFT for The Sceptical (#3)

EFT for The Sceptical (#3) EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) doesn't require belief in order to work. However it doesn't work ...

EFT Tips (#7)

EFT Tips (#7) Here are a few tips for aspiring users of EFT. Making the critical Psychological Reversal step more ...

EFT for Self Acceptance - Specific

EFT for Self Acceptance - Specific Do you accept yourself completely? There are many people who can accept themselves in part, but find ...

Tax filing procrastination removed with EFT

“Cindy” had been a client for several months. Today she told me that she hadn't dealt with her taxes for th ...

The Unwanted Afterbirth: Depression

I have long wondered why there was such a mixed bag of experiences for women post postpartum.  How is it that some women get depre ...

Saving Money Thru EFT

Here’s a great story I wanted to pass along to share how I was able to save an acquaintance $500 with 20 minutes of EFT! I was vis ...

No More Chips!!!!

Like many EFT practitioners, I first learned about EFT when the technique was used on me. The first time, EFT helped eliminate ice cre ...


84 Year Old Man With Frozen Shoulder
08/12/09 | Submitted by Connie Russell NHC

My Dad has had a problem with his back for many years. It has affected his shoulder and has caused him not to be able to lift his arm h ...

Claustrophobia Cleared on the Way to a Casino
06/25/11 | Submitted by JoAnn SkyWatcher

EFT can be done almost anywhere. Though I don't necessarily recommend it while driving, I must admit that I did it toda ...

Validation Can It Be Done With EFT
01/20/09 | Submitted by Michele Price

I have been thinking of how to feature these video here for months and finally I said heck I will never find a perfect way to do it so ...

Keep Tapping Anyway!
02/03/11 | Submitted by Jodi McDonald

At the conclusion of a typical Meta-ET ™ session, you will feel free, empowered, loved, grateful and blissful. Not bad, huh? This i ...