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Ingrid Dinter
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Prince EFT Level 2 Training with EFT Master Tania A Prince
11/15/14 | United Kingdom
This is an in-depth, intensive training course that provides plenty of opportunity for attendees to practice in supervised conditions. It is full of live demonstrations. The course is intended for those who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of EFT and for those who would like to become a ...
Emma Roberts EFT Centre AAMET Level 2 Practitioner Training with Emma Roberts & Sue Beer
09/06/14 | United Kingdom
Level 2 Practitioner Training is the next step towards excellence after attending the Level 1 Introductory Workshop. The 2 day training is open to anyone who has completed an AAMET Level 1 Workshop. This is a 2-day training which goes from the basic mechanics of EFT into the beginnings of artist ...
Merkel, Ph.D. BONUS EFT TAPshop ? FREE EFT/ Emotional Freedom Tapping Tele-Workshop
07/30/14 | United States
4:00-5:15 pm. ET with Dr. Anne Merkel. Focus on meridian tapping therapies to let go of chronic pain of body, mind, spirit! For new & experienced energy therapy & EFT Tapping practitioners. Notes & recordings provided after each live call. Register at http://arielagroup.com/blog/eft-tapping- ...
Byrne Introduction to EFT with Judy Byrne EFT Founding Master
09/06/14 | United Kingdom
This is a depth  introduction to EFT designed to give you a solid foundation, whether you want to learn to use it for you and yours or whether you are thinking of continuing training to use EFT in your therapy practice.   The day is geared to meet the needs both of people with no prev ...

Improve Your Eyesight with EFT

Based on the successful experiment conducted by Carol Look, this e-book (now also available in paperback), you are guided to improve your vision by releasing pent up emotions stored in your eyes. Emot ...

Try It On Everything

In this movie, you'll meet 10 people from around the country with a variety of challenges, such as PTSD, chronic back pain, fear of public speaking, Fybromyalgia, abudance blocks, weight loss, smoking ...

Freedom at Your Fingertips (Book)

I'm proud to offer the EFT book which I co-authored, titled "Freedom at Your Fingertips" This book, written by 20 World-Class EFT practitioners, is different from anything else currently available. ...

Guided Meditations~Volume One

Six Guided Meditation CDs: 1. Relaxing Your Body & Mind 2. Creating Your Sacred Space 3. Accessing Your Inner Wisdom 4. Creating Your Energy Shield 5. Energizing Your Life 6. Y ...

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Jodi, from Try It On Everything...One Year Later

Jodi, from Try It On Everything...One Year Later Many people who have watched the movie, "Try It On Everything," want to know if we are still doing o ...

EFT for Self Acceptance - Specific

EFT for Self Acceptance - Specific Do you accept yourself completely? There are many people who can accept themselves in part, but find ...

Surrogate Healing with EFT

Surrogate Healing with EFT EFT Virtuoso Teresa Bolen Okamoto gives you a very simple explanation on how to do Surrogate Healing ...


EFT FOR ANXIETY Tuning in on the anxious feelings you are having in the now. Tapping and disolving them using the ph ...

How to Do EFT Tapping- Part 2

How to Do EFT Tapping- Part 2 This video shows how to do Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping. This form of acupressure fing ...

How To Attract Your Ideal Relationship, Career and Business

How To Attract Your Ideal Relationship, Career and Business How To Attract Your Ideal Relationship, Career and Business

Slow down to a bare foot pace

Slow down to a bare foot pace Are you always rushing around trying to get things done? Rod Sherwin suggests slowing down to a bare ...

EFT Golf Tapping Intro

EFT Golf Tapping Intro Steve of EFTGolf.com offers an introduction to the art of EFT, and how it can improve your game dras ...

4 Tips for De-Stressing the Human Spirit

Loss of zest, life purpose or perceived identity stresses the human spirit. How you define who you are, and the meaning and purpose ...

Emotional Sound Techniques

I was blessed with the gift of being able to photograph energy. This and the gift of a benefactor that funded my research into sound a ...

Battle Between My Personality and Soul

DO YOU FEEL AT ODDS WITH YOUR SOUL\'S CHOICES… Confused about your life\'s situation - In awe of what the \"bigger\" picture ...

4 Tips for De-Stressing Your Emotions

Emotional stress comes from the reaction to fear. Anytime we feel threatened by situations we cannot control, fear arises. Emotional re ...


Drama Mongering
03/07/12 | Submitted by Kelly Roughton

I have a friend who is very involved at the moment in politics, feminism, human rights and injustices of all sorts. It's very praisewor ...

Tapfest 2009 on BlogTalkRadio
01/20/09 | Submitted by Jade Barbee

Today I had the privilege of being asked to lead a few rounds of tapping at the first 2009 Tapfest - it was incredibly exhilarating an ...

I let go of the need to control
03/10/11 | Submitted by Grant & Julie Horsfall

By the time I became pregnant with our third baby, I had already done lots of tapping on our first two baby losses (a miscarr ...

84 Year Old Man With Frozen Shoulder
08/12/09 | Submitted by Connie Russell NHC

My Dad has had a problem with his back for many years. It has affected his shoulder and has caused him not to be able to lift his arm h ...