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Name : Shelley Hawkins, M.S.
City: Eagle
Zip : 83616
Country : United States
State : Idaho
Phone Number : 208-938-0690
Email Address :
Website :
About Shelley Hawkins, M.S.
Practitioner Reviews: 2 Reviews
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
I was first introduced to EFT by a Rapid Eye Therapist.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
Since 2003
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
I've worked with hundreds of clients as well as individuals during workshops and public presentations.
I have the following certifications: 
Advanced Training in EFT
Theta Healing Advanced Practitioner & Instructor
Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition
Allergy Antidotes
Training in Quantum Touch & TAT
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
Mastering EFT with Gary Craig 2005
Mastering EFT Bootcamp with Gary Craig 2006
EFT Master Showcase 2007
EFT Masters Healing the Cycle of Addiction 2008
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
The ability to laser in on core patterns quickly and intuitively. I combine compassion with accountability, care with challenge, expertise with down-to-earth presence, mentoring with deeply transformative results, where you can be completely honest with yourself, at ease and feel what it is like to soar. I am highly intuitive, connecting, transformational, humorous and an excellent teacher of workshops and in coaching calls.
Do I do phone sessions: 
Yes! My work is mainly by phone.
Other Comments:   
As a Transformational Coach & Mentor I have created my own unique process that combines intuitive, transformational coaching with energy transformation for working with men and women who are ready for deep and radical change from what holds them back. You know who you are. You're accomplished, diligent and deeply caring or sensitive individuals that have locked parts of yourself off to get where you are. But you keep hitting the same ceiling, the same wall and it has made life harder than it has to be. Something is still missing. You're ready to experience the reward, to be fed by, all that you create. When you're ready for real freedom, to get out of your own way, and to make the investment in time, energy and resources to give that to yourself, I invite you to The Self Connection™. I would love to work with you and support you. Send an email to with "Connection Call" in the subject line. My gift to you is a complimentary strategy call to clarify what you would like to create for yourself and if The Self Connection™ makes sense for you. I'm not attached either way. You'll find more information at my website, too:
Forgiveness Without Agenda
Submitted on 03 November,2009
“Forgiveness Without Agenda” © By Shelley Hawkins-Clark, Transformational Healer & Coach “In the long run, it's not a question of whether they deserve to be forgiven. You're not forgiving them for their sake. You're doing it for yourself. For your own health and well-being, forgiveness is simply the most energy-efficient option…Take it slowly. The deepest resentments are wrapped up in ... More
It Can Be Another Way
Submitted on 03 November,2009
“If we plant a seed in the ground we know that the sun will shine and the rain will water, and we leave it to the Law [universal order] to bring results…Well, the desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun, and your constant, though not anxious, expectation is the rain and cultivation necessary to bring absolutely sure results. ~Francis Larimer Warn ... More
When the feeling isn't Yours
Submitted on 21 November,2008
When the feeling isn’t yours Have you ever found yourself feeling suddenly weighed down, out-of-sorts, scattered, ungrounded, extra-emotional for unexplained reasons, wound up, anxious or downright depressed and wondered where it came from? As electro magnetic and energetic beings, we pick up energy from other people, from the magnetic fields of computers, from stories on television news ... More
The Self Connection™
Submitted on 18 July,2011
I invite you to explore my website,, and discover what resonates with you. I am also learning the ropes of social media. So if Facebook, Linked-in, or Blogging are you're bailiwick, please stop by and say hello through my website and I'll be connecting more and more with you through this venue! It is constantly growing. While there, I invite you to become part of The Self ... More
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Welcome to The Self Connection with Shelley Hawkins