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Name : Deborah Fox
City: Ashland / Grants Pass
Zip : 97520
Country : United States
State : Oregon
Phone Number : 541 846-6380
Email Address :
Website :
About Deborah Fox
Practitioner Reviews: 5 Reviews
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
I was searching for the ultimate healing modality and was repeatedly directed to EFT.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
10 years!
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
too many to count ...
I have the following certifications: 
Tapping Into Wealth Authorized Coach
EFT Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Practitioner Certificates
EFT Progressive Practitioner Graduate
TAT Basic Training Certificate
TAT Practicing Presence
Mary A. Hall's Mentoring Program
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Authorization Training, 2013-2014
EFT Master Training, Denver 2007
EFT Master Training, Boston 2007
EFT and Brain Waves, Boston 2007
EFT and the Law of Attraction 2007
EFT Master Conference, Los Angeles 2008
(Breaking the Cycle of Addiction)
EFT Master Conference, Denver 2008
(EFT and Serious Diseases/Trauma)
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
If you are suffering from unresolved emotions, including fear, grief and trauma, I will show you how to embrace your vulnerability and create a new sense of freedom. I am a catalyst for personal transformation and empowerment and I have devoted my life to ending emotional suffering.
When you work with me you will identify your core issues – the ones that are keeping you stuck and you
will access the wisdom of your soul in order to claim your power.
My work matters because YOU matter and
I am here to remind you that in each moment you can choose a new reality. You can shed the darkness and shine your light.
To sum it up, I am a spiritual mentor who can offer you the keys to freedom and infinite possibility.
Releasing your limiting beliefs will change your perception of life and will raise your energetic vibration.
Are you ready to tap into your highest potential?
Do I do phone sessions: 
My heart-felt presence is with you via telephone or skype as it is in person.
Other Comments:   
I specialize in screening out the superfluous and compassionately embracing the core issue(s), allowing the issues to be released and allowing you the freedom to heal and excel.
I invite and enourage you to fully engage in your emotional, physical and spiritual healing. I come from a place of integrity and authenticity and I am committed to being fully present to support you.
Emotional Freedom and Radiant Health
Submitted on 09 December,2008
Emotional Freedom and Radiant Health By Deborah Fox Your emotional health, your success in the world and your level of joy can all be dramatically enhanced by shifting the energies that regulate them. That is the promise of the fascinating new field of energy psychology.” - David Feinstein, co-author of The Promise of Energy Psychology Allow yourself to imagine, just for a moment, a heali ... More
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