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VA Guilty of Committing Murder
I only speak the truth.  The truth is this:
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) could, and is on a very small scale, be saving the lives of our combat veterans RIGHT NOW!  We've known this from the get go and our research via the Iraqi Stress Project proves it.  We've seen up to 60% reduction in PTSD symptoms in just 6 hours of EFT.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been around since at least 1994.
Gary Craig, founder of EFT, video recoreded his work with veterans for 6 Days.  The work was done at a VA facility somewhere in California. 
The VA ignored the outcomes.
Several highly qualified EFT Practitioners all over the USA have approached the VA about using EFT for our Combat Veterans.  We get turned away, ignored and discounted. 
I have personally delivered EFT Research to some VA officials and they have the audacity to write me letters telling me they can't find any research.  Hello, I put it right in your hands!  Are they blind, ignorant or both?
The suicide rate among veterans is up a whopping 60% and the VA wants to do more "research".  They have a 5-YEAR plan.  Do you know how many combat veterans will commit suicide in 5 years?  CBS news  recently reported 120 suicides per week.  That's over 6,000 suicides per year.  Over 5 years, that's 30,000 veteran suicides, and the largest concentration is in veterans 20 - 24 who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Quite frankly, the VA's  discounting and denial is conspiracy to commit murder, and it happens every day.  They just don't want to look at reality and their culpability in the issue.
Of course, VA is the government, so they can get away with murdering our combat veterans who served our country and maintained our freedom.  
It's a travesty.  Something needs to be done.  Write your elected officials in Washington now and demand that EFT be used to heal our combat veterans NOW!
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