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Name : Claire Hayes
City: Forres
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How to change your world
Quite a blog title, how to change your world.

What would you write with a title like that? It is so huge to be almost meaningless. I mean there are a million ways to change your world. You could keep up with your accounts, or give more to charity or start saying no or clean behind your cooker......Anything and everything changes your world, so what do I mean?

There is one simple step to change your world, and my world, and it is to make EFT part of our daily life. It is so simple and so profound. If you don't know what EFT is, go to or to find out. Use the simple power of tapping on the meridians while bringing an issue to mind, to help you feel better. That in itself will change your world. While tapping on the side of your hand say the words, "Even though I'm feeling ....(fill in with how you feel), I deeply and completely love and accept myself". Then tap round the points with "this feeling". Its basic EFT and it works. Things shift. You shift.

If you go deeper, on your own, or with a practitioner, there is no knowing where it might take you. When we heal ourselves, we can help others and that's how we heal the world. That's the kind of change I want to see and that's why I've called this post, "How to change your world".
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