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Workshop : Level 3 : The Advanced EFT Practitioner course in Wilderness, Garden Route
Name : Bennie Naude
City: London
State : Greater London
Country : United Kingdom
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Topic : General EFT
Address :
City : garden route, State : Cape Province, Zip Code : 6538, Country : South Africa
Date of Event : August 29th,2013 To September 1st,2013
Class size limit : 20
Price : 320.18 GBP£
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Class Description :

Level 3 : The Advanced EFT Practitioner course in Wilderness, Garden Route (4 days)


You will benefit from this course if you have completed EFT Level 1 & 2 and learn an array of additional techniques to exponentially deepen your inner change work, and that of others that you wish to help.

This is a 4-day programme filled to the brim with cutting edge information.   Moreover ? it is a programme designed to totally transform your relationship with yourself, with money and wealth.

Missing out on this event means missing out on a unique opportunity to learn some of the most advanced healing techniques known today, and also an opportunity to (literally) start tapping into greater financial wealth and abundance.

?If you thought that Level 1&2 rocked your world ? you definitely want to come to Level 3!?

This programme gives you:

An overview, deeper understanding and experience of advanced techniques

Discover when to follow the traditional tapping sequences and when to toss the rule book and follow your own intuition

Learn the keys to understanding your clients? metaphors as language of the unconscious mind

Develop your ability to integrate EFT with the other techniques, such as anchoring, to help clients (and yourself) make giant leaps as they progress.

Increase your confidence in your ability to help clients and to heal yourself.

Get your own experience of how these advanced techniques can help you to create wealth the only way you ever can ? from the inside out.

Learn more in the introduction to Psychological Disorders

Discover the profound power and beauty of Protective Distancing Techniques to resolve sensitive and deep issues, including intense trauma

Be amazed by the magic of ?The Morph technique? to shift issues quickly and safely in a way that you?d never have thought!

Experience for yourself the powerful use of drawing and symbols in healing and creation and how it helps you shift old ?stuff? ? no matter how long you?ve had it!

Enhance your calibration and rapport building skills

Understand the distinction between ?Away from? versus ?Towards? motivation and why that is crucial to change old patterns of behaviour

Get an even more in-depth understanding of Psychological Reversal, how it can block EFT from working, and how to neutralise it

Become familiar with the important concepts of transference, counter-transference, projection and outcome-attachment (ouch!)

Experience a shift in your own doubts and limiting beliefs over the 4 days, and get excited about what that means for the rest of your life!

Get a better sense of the origin and evolution of problems and how to use that knowledge to get better results with EFT

Learn uncommon techniques to resolve Inner Conflict

Find out more about working with serious disease

Do you think of EFT as a ?quick fix??  How to set (and deal with) expectations

See the crucial role of love and forgiveness in therapy work and how the absence of it can stop healing in its tracks

Refine your results with a look at the o-so-important art of questioning

Understand how and when to use re-framing and pre-framing

Learn techniques for use where clients are unable to access emotion

Discover the finer (and critically important) nuances of working with trauma; what to do ? and what never to do.

Imagine leaving feeling much better about yourself and your ability to help yourself and others

Truly believe in yourself and your ability to be financially free

Be excited about what you can be, do or have, knowing that you already have everything inside of you right now to create just that!

And more!

This is not your typical seminar.

  • Experienced being trained by a Master Trainer with over 10 years of training experience.
  • Expect to be fully engaged throughout the entire 4 days; no PowerPoint slides here!
  • Leave having participated, practiced and experienced the technique, confident in your ability to apply it for immediate results.

What is included:

  • Water, tea, fruit, nuts, healthy snacks and lunch to keep your mind, body and soul humming - worth R800
  • All course materials and training manual covering the complete AAMET (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques - EFT Level 3 curriculum - worth R5900
  • Optional 1-hour early morning bonus sessions on Days 2, 3 and 4; that?s 3 hours of additional transformation time worth at least R1900 
  • A follow-up 90 minute call within 2 months after the training to review the main concepts; a recording of this call is made available to you at no cost - worth over R650
  • On-going mentoring calls (by donation) - priceless!
  • Access to the DeepLiving EFT University with previously recorded mentoring calls, articles etc - priceless!
  • Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certificate of Attendance
  • Optionally, Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certificate awarded after successfully submitting a written test and satisfactory case studies within 4 months (no extensions and no exceptions) and a minimum of 10 hours mandatory mentoring (AAMET requirement); ?175 examination and mentoring fee applies
  • Revisit any of my EFT Level 3 trainings (anywhere in the world, as often as you like) for half-price or come back to assist at no cost (limited to 2 people per training)
  • Earn commission on referrals
  • Get access to special offers only available at live events


100% satisfaction guarantee. If by the end of the workshop you are not fully satisfied, I will gladly refund your money in full.

 That?s way over R9000 value included?
yet your investment is only R4500! 

SPECIAL BONUS Bring A Partner and Save 25% on the 2nd registration ? that?s a total saving of R1125!

I believe in the importance of having a strong support-network because it is one of the keys to on-going growth and success.  So I am offering you the opportunity to bring a business partner, colleague, spouse or friend for a fraction of the full price because I want you to be able to share this experience with the people who support you the most.  Plus, it?s is a great way to save money by buddying up!

butterflyI love working with people who are ready for change and unwilling to settle for less.  

If that describes you and you are ready to have MORE in your life ? more fun, more love, more health, more money, more clients, or more of whatever you want more of ? then click on the ?Register Now? buttons below to secure your place now.

29 Aug - 1 Sept 2013

Standard investment
1 x R 4500 or 3 x R1650
Bring a partner and save 25% (R1475) on the 2nd registration
1 x R3375 or 3 x R1247
Pay Pay

75% cancellation fee applies if cancelled less than 30 days before event
100% cancellation fee applies if cancelled less than 15 days before event

Click on the ?Register Now? buttons above or electronically transfer your tuition fees to Bennie Naude, ABSA Current Account 340-153-138, Branch code 632005 and email your proof of payment to

Bennie Naud? has been an international AAMET registered EFT Practitioner, trainer and presenter for almost 10 years; born and raised in South Africa, he frequently travels around the world to teach and inspire people from all walks of life and has facilitated and co-facilitated over 100 international workshops. As a professional trainer, he is known for creating a relaxed, safe, thorough, lively and fun training environment.

P.S. Maximum group size is 20 to ensure individual attention.

?When life-changing content such as EFT is coupled with a facilitator such as Bennie Naude who gives life to his every word and really ?oozes? passion and soul into the sessions ? it is almost impossible NOT to be on the receiving end of the ultimate GIFT. THANK YOU Bennie !!? Karen Burt, Cape Town

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