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Article : Allergy to flowers.
Name : ilana weiler
City: kibbuts Shaalbim
State : HaMerkaz (Central)
Country : Israel
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This is one of those One Minute Wonders. I would like to emphasize, that this should encourage everybody to trust EFT, in spite of the fact that often a deeper and longer process is needed.

I met Inna at a friend’s house, a beautiful place with a huge garden and huge flower arrangements inside the house. Inna was going in and out, and at some point she entered the room, all red and itchy. She said that she could not take it anymore. We all gave her a questioning look-not knowing what was she talking about.

"I have an allergy to flowers, every once in a while. I get this reaction. I get all irritated. My face itches, my eyes are burning. I am going crazy." I asked if she would like to try something that might help her and she said she would try anything. This was the first time I met her - I knew nothing about this lady and it was obvious that her level of intensity was 10 on a scale of 0 to 10.

"What is the worse symptom?" I asked. "My eyes. They are burning and itching." Inna was almost in tears.

Even though, my eyes are burning and itching, I cannot take it…

After 2 rounds of tapping and she opened huge eyes and said, "This is unbelievable. It feels so much better". Now she was encouraged to check this odd technique.

Even though, my face feels so hot, it is all red…

Again, after 1 or 2 rounds and Inna experienced a huge relief. I could feel that she was becoming very emotional, as often happens with EFT. Inna looked at me all puzzled, not understanding how those "knockings" on her body, created such a shift in her state.

I asked her if she could guess what was the emotion hiding behind these symptoms. Inna started talking about her son, who had announced to her a few days previously that he was getting married. She was happy for him, but at the same time had mixed feelings about it. He asked her not to say anything for the time being, to his father.

Even though, I have these mixed feelings about The Announcement, and this confuses me, I want to accept myself deeply and profoundly.

This is a sentence I would intuitively offer my clients when I have a feeling that it might be difficult for them to use the "regular "acceptance phrase. We tapped for that "mixed feelings" and while tapping Inna opened up to describe an unhappy marriage.

She was shocked at the fact that she would tell all those things to a complete stranger, she is not used to this emotional exposure, so I kept tapping on her while she was talking. As Ina was sharing her emotions I had intuitively guessed something and I asked her, "do you like flowers?" She said, "Oh, yes, I LOVE flowers, they are so beautiful, why would I be allergic to them?" So, I suggested tapping:

Even though, I LOVE flowers, I get this reaction to them, because they remind me of my need to blossom, to love, to be happy…

Bingo. Tears were running down her face as she nodded yes, yes. A few rounds on that and Inna looked totally different. The red hot color of her face relaxed. Her eyes stopped itching, her hands, everything was calmer.

Even though, those beautiful flowers remind me of my pain and sadness, I thank those beautiful flowers for reminding me these soft, loving feelings in me…

Even though, I get this allergic reaction to flowers, I choose now, to allow myself to enjoy that beauty and give myself the permission to love myself and be open to the possibility that I might find a way to channel those feelings in a better way.

This option gave Inna a big relief and a feeling she could better contain these emotions. She was extremely happy and amazed by the process and the results.

Again, I felt so grateful for the opportunity to use EFT not just in order to "reduce symptoms", but mainly for the healing quality of the EFT that so often brings happiness and a sense of a growing self-esteem, along with the amazing instant relief.

Thank you Gary, for being such a great mentor and inspiring person for me and for so many, many more people.

With love and respect,
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