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Article : Attracting Financial Abundance - How Do I Use EFT Tapping?
Name : Karen Nauman
City: St Catharines
State : Ontario
Country : Canada
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Want to Tap for Financial Abundance? BUT... Not Sure What to Tap On?

Using EFT for Abundance issues can be very effective however, learning the best approaches and what to tap on to improve prosperity can be tricky. Here is a very helpful Q and A on tapping for Abundance from my personal files. Note: For free EFT scripts, tips and articles on abundance and other important topics, you can visit my EFT Tapping web site.

QUESTION: I'm trying to make money by trading the currency markets, but I obviously have some blocks because I consistently make some money then lose the exact same amount with 48 hours or so! Sometimes I actually feel fearful and experience a sick stomach when I look at the stock charts!

I want to know what to tap on but first I need to discover my negative emotions and limiting beliefs about becoming successful and financially abundant. How can I find out what's holding me back so I can tap on it?

ANSWER: When we get stopped dead in our tracks and start sabotaging our self, there is almost always a personal safety issue at the root of it.

The main job of our survival self or primitive brain which is part of our subconscious mind, is to preserve and protect us. Basically, to keep us safe.

If being financially abundant means your survival or safety will be threatened in some way (I know this sounds strange but its true),... this part of us will do everything it can to stop you from moving forward in this area. This is the self sabotage behaviour.

You can tap on the uncomfortable feelings that come up i.e fear or sickness when you look at the charts and see if anything surfaces OR you can do some detective work first.

Here are a few probing questions to ask yourself;

Note: Before answering the questions, take a moment to ground and focus yourself to connect to your guidance/intuition. You might want to try this easy and fast EFT tap and breathe method; EFT Simple Tap and Breathe Technique

1) What is the downside to having financial abundance?

This Sounds like a funny question but really take some time to think about it. Here are some related questions you can ask yourself;

- Would it change your group of friends?

- Would someone be jealous of you or feel threatened i.e. a sibling, partner/spouse or parent?

- Would you be outdoing someone?

Would you be going against a family rule? i.e. Our family does not handle money very well.

- Would you be replaying a painful experience in your past or of another family member/ancestor? i.e. a big gain followed by a loss so its safer not to gain too much and minimize the hurt and pain.

2) What is the upside to *not* becoming financially abundant and successful?

Think about things like;

- Then you can relax and won't have more expectations placed on you.

- You can prove someone wrong or right etc. i.e. someone close to you saying... "you'll never make it"!... "What a bad or silly idea that is".

3) What might change if you were to become more financially abundant?

Again, look at friends, family, community, status, career etc.

4) What do you avoid by not being successful and having financial abundance?

5) What is made better by not dealing with this problem and moving forward?

6) What happened the last time you (or your family) had money, financial success or success of any kind?

- Was it a pleasing experience or was it limiting, scary, painful?

Take time and write your answers down. This information will give you lots of material to tap on. You'll also see a theme and it will help you narrow your focus towards a particular subject or set of limiting beliefs - to speed up the process for you.

The main thing you want to accomplish is to make sure your inner protector or 'gate keeper' is no longer being put on a 'red light, all systems STOP' alert by you moving towards success, abundance or financial prosperity. This is why we need to discover and tap on old beliefs/programming before we install new positive messages or affirmations. You are already aware of the fact that you have these mental and emotional blocks, and that's a HUGE part of it!

Wishing you much success and abundance! Karen

P.S. For a powerful article on 7 easy methods for pre-sleep abundance tapping click here: EFT Abundance Gratitude Tapping

Karen Nauman C.Ht., P.Nlp
EFT Emotional Freedom Coach
Visit Karen's EFT Tapping web site.

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