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Name : Judith Albright
City: Fort Collins
Zip : 80525
Country : United States
State : Colorado
Phone Number : 970 218-8643
Email Address :
Website :
About Judith Albright
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
I initially learned about tapping on Dr. Mercola's website but learned to use it from an EFT practitioner in California.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
I have practiced EFT personally for for 13 years and almost 9 years as an EFT professional.
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
I have worked with more than 500 clients one on one and many more in workshops and groups.
I have the following certifications: 
PSYCH-K, Basic and Advanced
The Emotion Code
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
In addition to my initial training, I have attended the EFT Masters Showcase in Denver, CO and an Animaleze workshop in Lafayette, CO focused on utilizing EFT with animals. I continue to participate in various teleconferences and classes on an ongoing basis, and consider learning all I can about EFT to be a lifelong project.
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
While I enthusiastically use EFT for everything, my particular strengths include working with people who are coping with:

*Life transitions such as divorce, widowhood, forced job loss and unemployment, remarriage and blended families. and becoming a care giver

*An abusive or neglectful childhood and who are mourning the loss of the love and parenting they never had

*PTSD and other traumas

*Any sort of fear or phobia such as fear of flying, public speaking, dentists, medical procedures, needles, animals, insects, etc.

*Self image, self worth, and sabotaging beliefs about themselves

I also work with business owners and self employed people who have difficulty with selling or promoting themselves or their business, and are limited by negative beliefs about money and prosperity.
Do I do phone sessions: 
Yes, I do both telephone and Skype sessions which are just as effective as in person.
Other Comments:   
It is interesting where life leads us. Earlier in my life it would never have occurred to me that I would be helping people with techniques and methods that were not even known about back then. My formal education includes a BFA from the University of Denver, an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and additional graduate work at the University of Phoenix. My work experience includes both teaching at the college level and a long career in corporate America.

While my education and work background are in entirely unrelated fields, I have always believed in and explored various means of physical and emotional healing. Although I was initially skeptical about it, my discovery of EFT turned out to be life altering. After achieving sometimes astonishing results both for myself and others, I made the decision to become a professional practitioner. It was through my EFT practice that I first learned about PSYCH-K®. I became even more convinced that EFT and PSYCH-K® are a powerful and unbeatable combination that can literally change the world, one person at a time. I am grateful to be a part of this important work that makes such a difference for so many people.

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