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Name : Kathilyn Solomon
City: St Louis Park
Zip : 55426
Country : United States
State : Minnesota
Phone Number : 612-250-1968
Email Address :
Website : (updating)
About Kathilyn Solomon
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
I learned EFT through my mentor in 2000 and it transformed my life. I had fibromyalgia, had recently left a verbally abusive 14 year marriage, had a toddler son and had lost everything --- it was the opportunity that the Divine had been waiting to give me all my life. Finally, I was ready to receive -- that what I had been born for.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
Since 2003, I'm been working with individual clients, teaching EFT, including to targeted groups including health care professionals, and holding Borrowing Benefits workshops. Call me at 612 250 1968 or email I'm updating website.

I made the decision to work professionally as an EFT coach after "coming out" as a tapper on the deathbed of my father. He was very uncomfortable, very scared, and more.

I was there with my mother and asked her not to ask questions but please just to tap with me. She did, and he relaxed, was able to sleep, and breathe easily. We did more tapping throughout that time, and when he did finally cross over, it was in peace.

After that, I realized that I needed to do this professionally to help others. That was in 2003 when I officially began professional practice.
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
well over 500 -- who counts?

Try free 15 mins and see if you get what you need working with me -- 612 250 1968 or email me with questions --
I have the following certifications: 
Gary Craig's Cert-1 EFT, EFT Level 1, EFT Advanced, AAMET Practitioner, ACEP Practitioner, Member, EFT Universe Practitioner //

The Reconnection Therapy (Dr. Eric Pearlman)
Herbalist (Pam Montgomery, Matt Wood, and more)
Energy Touch Healing (R. Brown)
Global Somatics Body Work (Suzanne River)
Non Violent Communications Level 1 -- Marshall Rosenberg
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
EFT for Serious Diseases (two of these), with Dr. Mercola and Gary Craig, with other EFT masters including Carol Look, Nancy Gnecco, and more.
EFT and Borrowing Benefits -- again with Gary Craig and other EFT masters
EFT Masters Showcase
EFT Healing Masters Retreat
Teleclasses with Carol Look, Jan Luther, and others of this calibre of teaching.
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
You have someone with integrity, intuition and who is here to wholly witness your difficult feelings, your body pain, someone who will sit next to you in your fear, in your pain, in your trauma....and still love you.

I am confident enough that you will get results, often miraculous results, that I offer a money back guarantee.

I will listen to that little voice that is telling you all kinds of bad things about yourself and help you soothe that voice enough to ally it to you, to clear the way to overcoming challenges, be they physical, relationship-related, parenting issues, divorce grief, trauma, physical or emotional, phobias, binge-eating, addiction, business, entrepreneurial, artistically related.

You will get to the bottom your problem and find you don't sink, but you are buoyant--! There is an end to the pain. I'm not saying that you won't have other issues that come up. But you will have a tool that you can use to clear and shift your feelings and perspective so that you don't have to get stuck -- again!

I will hold the space for your magnificence. I know you can do it -- because I did. And if I could get over near-death experience, fibromyalgia--the gift I gave away because I no longer needed it to hold my space, losing everything and feeling victimized because I was a single mama, you can too!

All I had to do was change my story! Sounds easy, huh? I won't lie, it wasn't all that easy, but the process was / is Profound, Amazing and all my clients experience that!

Do I do phone sessions: 
Lots of Skype, Phone, Office, Workshops, Retreats -- I work with people locally, nationally and from all over the world. Skype continues to amaze me!

1, 2 or 3 hour sessions
3-day 1-1 retreats
2-Day a Week Phone Pick Me Ups
4 & 8 package discount pre-booked pre-paid used in 3 months/5 months
Other Comments:   
I believe that EFT works on a Body Level, Subconscious Level, Therapeutic (cognitive) Level and Quantum Level. That is why it is so effective. I often say that it works on the fairy tale level.

By now, you probably are over tapping looking crazy and seeming ridiculous. Yay! You just need to try it. I will give you a free 15 minute session so you can see if you want to work with me.

I work with people from all over the world and no one is "bad" enough or anything enough to chase me away!

It gives me great satisfaction to see a client clear a lifelong problem and get the relief that is their right as a magnificent human being!

I have an extensive background in holistic healing -Worked with Lakota medicine man Gilbert Walking Bull, mentored by herbalist Matthew Wood, lots of study of intuitive healing practices, and more... I chose to focus my healing work on EFT because I felt that for me I was most effective in this way. I did for years teach and work as an herbalist.

I juggle EFT coaching with writing and editing work. Both feed me. If there were time I'd also have an organic gardening biz..called Errthy Wrrx! I have strong love for creative expression through written word/and also chant Torah.
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