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Name : Christopher Semmens
City: West Perth
Zip : 6005
Country : Australia
State : Western Australia
Phone Number : 08 9389 6839
Email Address :
Website :;;
About Christopher Semmens
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
An item about thought field therapy (TFT) in the American Psychological Association (APA) publiation The Monitor On Psychology. Seeing that Dr Roger Callahan was one of my mentor's (Dr Albert Ellis) closest associates in the early 60s, I got Callahan to send me a video in October 1997. I have been doing TFT everyday in my practice since.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
Every day in my practice since October 1997 - now 13 years.
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
13 years by 46 weeks by 30 clients per week equals around 18,000 sessions. Averaging 4 to 5 sessions per client equates to around 3,600 clients.
I have the following certifications: 
MAppPsych; BSc; BPsych; DipClinHyp; TFT-Adv; Registered Clinical Psychologist with Medicare; Member Clinical College, Australian Psychological Society; Trained at all levels of thought field therapy (TFT) up to TFT-Adv (Voice Technology); Foundation & Life Member, Association of Thought Field Therapy (ATFT); I have studied all of Gary Craig's video/DVD sets.
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
TFT-Dx: Dr Roger Callahan, Indian Wells, California, Jan/Feb 1998;
Personal supervision with Dr Roger Callahan: La Quinta, California, Oct 1998;
TFT Toxins workshop: Indian Wells, Oct 1999;
TFT-Dx: Dr Roger Callahan, Indian Wells, Oct 2001;
Advanced TFT & HRV: Dr Roger Callahan, Indian Wells, Oct 2001;
TFT-Algorithm Trainers workshop: San Diego, California, Oct 2002;
TFT-DX: Dr Roger Callahan, Sydney, Oct 2005;
TFT-DX: (assisting facilitator), Perth, Aug 2006;
TFT Optimal Health (Voice Technology): Brisbane, Oct/Nov 2009;
Conducted TFT Algorithm workshops around Australia since 1999;
Conducted TFT-Dx workshops in Australia since 2010.

My strengths as a practitioner are: 
I have always been driven by efficiency as well as effectiveness in my work as a clinical psychologist. This led me to Dr Albert Ellis (who was fond of saying: "I have a gene for efficiency!") in the 1970s and to Dr Roger Callahan (who has said "I believe we can find the penicillin of the disturbed emotions") in the 1990s.
I find it very useful to work from a model that is a hierarchy of: "symptoms" on the top; and then "vulnerabilities" such as to addictions; to depression; to anxiety & panic; to headaches; an injury can create a vulnerability to chronic pain; or to skin problems, as well as many others. Underlying these are "unresolved life issues" that can be operative in tipping the "vulnerabilities" into the "symptoms". Most of us, one way or another, have some of these. Key examples would be traumas; disruptions; losses; relationship pain; and inadequate/dysfunctiomful/harmful parenting - both of commission and of omission.
Resolution of these life issues is achieved very easily, in most cases, using thought field therapy (TFT). We are then able to deal directly with aspects of the "symptoms".
I also quite creatively incorporate many of Albert Ellis' genius notions of the human condition into my TFT work.
Do I do phone sessions: 
Yes, though a Medicare rebate is not available for phone consultations. Private health insurance rebates may be available.
Other Comments:   
With a GP referral, may be eligable for $120 Medicare rebate on a standard consultation.
An approximation to the consulting experience can be achieved using my product - "Fearfix" - a 2 DVD and 3 CD package that will very soon be available as a downloadable e-book : "Fearfix - Transform to a Confident, Vibrant Life without Anxiety." See:
Why do we do the things we do?
Submitted on 07 December,2010
Why We Do The Things We Do   This article was written by clinical psychologist Christopher Semmens. Sounds like a song title doesn’t it? But seriously, have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? Our collection of life experiences contributes to the making of us. We are who we are and we do the things we do based on the residual effects of the things ... More
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