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Name : Tianna Galgano
City: Pueblo West
Zip : 81007
Country : United States
State : Colorado
Phone Number : 719-647-1532
Email Address :
Website :
About Tianna Galgano
Practitioner Reviews: 8 Reviews
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
Gary Craig, website. Purchased and studied his entire set of DVD's.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
Several years.
I began using EFT with clients in 2008.
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
Over 1000
I have the following certifications: 
NLP Cert.Practitioner (1985-6)
NLP Cert. Master Practitoner
NLP Trainer's Training (1988)
NLP Health Certification Training (1996-7)
Shamanic Practitioner: Huna Healing Course with Serge Kahili King (1997)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (2000-2001)
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
Gary Craig: studied all 3 courses -of the 3 complete sets of DVD home Training Courses by Gary Craig
i Listened to EVERY Tapping World Summit presentation in 2009 & 2010 & 2011.
I purchased, studied, and used the following with clients: the Tapping World Summit Complete set Summit, with workbooks.
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
My NLP and Hypnotherapy training began in 1985. Training in how to have interactive communication with the subconscious, and getting to core issues quickly, is the background I brought to EFT and Tapping. My gift is being able to ask the right questions. I am highly intuitive and quickly notice patterns that lead to discovering hidden emotional states and traumas that were deeply buried in subconscious.
As a Dreammaster since 1982, I have gained the understanding that nightmares, bad dreams, scary dreams, embarrasing dreams and frightening recurring dreams are reflective of fears that are stuck in the subconscious. I specialize in helping people interpret their dreams using my copyrighted "Dream Decipher" Process. This process discovers/uncovers the nature of the fear and the original cause of it. I can then help the client TAP away the fear(s)-- safely release them from the subconscious mind.
Do I do phone sessions: 
Yes. Contact me at to set up an appointment. SKYPE sessions available

Other Comments:   
I have been asked to present & teach at NLP Conferences (Regional, National and International) since 1986.
I am also a Master of Dreamwork. I have discovered and developed a unique method of dream interpretation that works through one's intuition. My book on this subject is titled: DECIPHER YOUR DREAMS, DECIPHER YOUR LIFE.
You can see my NLP bio at the NLP website:
You can contact Tim Halbolm (NLP training center of California) at for a personal recommendation.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Dreams
Submitted on 26 March,2011
  Numerous articles on dreams, NLP, and childrens' nightmares can be read at: More
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