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Name : Teresa Bolen
Zip :
Country : Japan
State : Kyoto
Phone Number : +81-50-5539-9641
Email Address :
Website :
About Teresa Bolen
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
Tapping came to me from a variety of sources, and has been the single greatest healing tool I have ever used.
I have been practicing tapping for: 
Three Blessed, joyous years. Although I'm a relative newcomer to tapping, I have my own hit radio show on World Talk Radio, called Magic At Your Fingertips.
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
This number is growing daily.
I have the following certifications: 
I'm one of the EFT-Japan Instructors, which is by invitation only, and I am also an EFT-Japan Practitioner. In addition to level 1 and level 2 certification, and Therapist Training Course certification from EFT-Japan, I am the best-selling author of Master Plan to Master Exams: How to Discover Your Hidden Abilities to Create the Success You Desire, and I have been a professional teacher in the United States and in Japan for over two decades.
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
Becoming the best practitioner I can to benefit you is a high priority, so I am continuously studying to improve my skills. Because I am located in Japan, I participate in most tapping and energy healing English workshops and seminars virtually at this time.
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
my desire to help you reconnect to your power, to show you how to get great results with tapping no matter what kind of results you've gotten before, and then help you facilitate your own healing. Through our sessions or EFT lessons together, you will rapidly gain the ability to use EFT effectively for yourself whenever you need it.
Do I do phone sessions: 
Yes, with great results. I also do sessions and lessons via skype.
Other Comments:   
You are a Divine manifestation of Love and Light, and I look forward to find out how I may be of service to you. Thank you for visiting my profile, listening to my hit radio show, Magic At Your Fingertips on World Talk Radio:

Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to being of service to you.

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