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Mindfulness in the midst of chaos

When we hear about recession, flu, lack of abundance and the like, does not mean we have to plug in to that fear based concept and with our energy, feed the insane movement. I believe the more we worry the more of our God given energy that was meant to feed our life and abundance is spent on the negative destructive energy within the world or others. Miracles happen when we are detached from the chaotic mind and live in the moment. This allows us to heal by default.

There is a growing awareness that The Universe is conscious and comprised of Love. Love Heals and because fear is the opposite of Love, when we are in fear we literally cut ourselves off from the power of healing energy. As Eckhart Tolle so eloquently brought to the world, the awareness of the power of this moment NOW and it's healing power, we find ourselves connected to a power far greater than any perceived threat brought by the world. Yet it takes vigilance against the fear based ego mind that seeks drama and busy-ness for fear of being less or doing less than is expected by the world. Judging everything and everyone but mostly itself, is never satisfied and most of all never at peace.

One measure of how connected we are is to be aware of how hard or easy it is to become upset or afraid when something goes wrong. Most often driving in traffic is a good indicator of how anger and unrest sits just below the surface and is easily brought to the surface by something out there gets chaotic.  

Practicing through quiet meditation using EFT for distressing moments and being mindful of our judgments is a step to finding and connecting to the power of our Higher Self, or our God Self.


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