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A disease or loving body guidence

Hi this is Karen Hayes Blog 3-1-10

Disease or loving body guidance-

I do not know if you read “My Journey” written in “about karen” on my website. I have faced four very serious diseases. Two were life threatening and all 4 are considered “supposedly incurable.” I have had arthritis since my teen years, my thyroid gland was completely removed, I almost died of both Crohn’s disease and an x factor 5 mutant gene disorder of the blood.

I want to tell you how I made allies with these diseases and why they rarely ever affect my life.

In my case I feel that my particular health conditions came my way because I refused to make much needed changes in how I lived my life. I needed to learn to live in my truth and surround myself with safe and supportive people. I needed to stop seeing my family of origin as something that needed fixing. I needed to stop feeling like a failure because I couldn’t get my family on board to ride the; lets stop having unreasonable demands and expectations of each other, be loving and positive, train.

Now after making these changes I have chosen to make a “sacred relationship” with these health conditions. I now call them “loving body guides.” They are the first to alert me when I have fallen back into old negative thought patterns. If I have fallen back into unconsciousness they remind me not to slip back into a belief system that never worked for me.

It reminds me that I am forgetting who I am. I am not being present or living in the NOW. My “loving body guides” are not “diseases” or ”aliens”. I choose to love and embrace them. I give my permission to not only co-exist with me but to partner with me in growing and evolving.

When I am recycling old unhappy thoughts or negative beliefs or when I am in worry-mode concerned over a fear that may or may not manifest; I am not living in the present. Many times my “loving body guides” will be there reminding me to “be here now”.

When I first decided to stop treating them as “diseases” and embrace them as “sacred partners,” the consequences of my negative beliefs were much more brutal (like ending up in the hospital.) But by being present in my body and communing with my “loving body guides.” I catch myself falling into unconsciousness and I become present adverting my “loving body guides” need to scream at me with serious physical problems.

If you found these thoughts helpful or something that you would like to explore, I have an audio and written script that reinforce my thoughts on the subject at very reasonable prices. PLEASE visit our store under “Karen’s audio energy sessions. At

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The astonishing power of our emotions. Book and audio (audio is very funny) Thank you.

Under Binural hypnosis I recommend Kelly howel’s: Body/mind healing and healing meditations

Under meditation/affirmation: Louise hays: You can heal your life affirmation kit

Abraham of Abraham-Hicks says, “It’s not about fighting disease, but allowing wellness.”

“Working at and managing” is one of those “upstream thoughts.”

Try replacing the belief of having “to work” having “to manage” with an uncompromising surrender to what is. Replace “Letting go” with allowing.

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