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It's the Holidays!
Happy Holidays to everyone! As we all know, holidays bring feelings of joy as well as sadness and anxiety. So much to do. So little time. So much money to spend. So much traffic on the roads! Family members who are gone, family members we don't want to see. Too much food that might sabatoge our weight loss plan and on and on!

How can we clear out the negative issues around the holidays so that they do truly remain joyous for us?

Take a moment out of your busy week and identify your major stressors and emotions.
Just taking that step alone can bring you to awareness of what you are carrying around with you.
Write them down.  Then take a few minutes and tap on each individual emotion that is not feeling positive.

Here is a sample to get you started.  Best to all of you!

KC  Even though part of me loves the holidays, part of me is so stressed out. I accept all parts of me.
KC Even though there are people I have to see that I know will upset me, I thank myself for tapping and clearing out the energy.
KC Even though there is so much to do and I'm exhausted, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and offer myself compassion.

H I'm so stressed out
EB I have mixed feelings about the holidays
OE I don't want to see _______
UN All that food, how will I stay on my diet
CH All this stress
CB I'm so tired
UA I really blew my budget

Repeat until you feel your energy shift and tap in some positive affirmations. Take a deep breath and see how you feel!

I always love to get feedback,,,,

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