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Arthritis and Pain
This is my first blog and I have chosen to write about arthritis pain since I have two clients in particular who deal with this issue. I have worked with people concerning pain in their bodies and have always been able to help them achieve total relief in just one session - back pain, knee pain, joint pain, and pain due to muscle injury.  Headaches can usually always be tracked down and resolved, but those with arthritis pain seem to be more of a challenge for helping them alleviate this pain, whether it is in their hands, shoulders, hips, knees, or elsewhere.  
We have been able to resolve a multitude of stress issues, have dealt with areas of forgiveness, anger, sadness and many other layers of this issue, but have so far been unsuccessful in completely resolving the root of this malady.  In some of their sessions we resolve the pain, but a day or two later it returns.  These ladies have been faithful to do their tapping homework and have cleared many stress factors, however this pain relief still eludes them. 
I have done research and looked up possible etiologies in Louise Hays' "You Can Heal Yourself" and Alex Loyd's "Healing Code" to cover some more bases for use in meridian tapping.  These provided excellent insight into more levels that these clients used to clear issues, but no total relief of their arthritis pain. 
They have also tried to approach this holistically by seeing a naturopath and have gone through herbal remedies which lessened their pain some, but with time it returned.  We also used kinesiology to take a broad holistic look at root causes, delving into toxins, pathogens, nutrition, energy avenues, spiritual issues, and more.  No final resolution.
 Does anyone have any specific insight into arthritis pain in particular?  Particular blocks?  Hidden agendas?  A common core that is related to this particular "disease" which we could root out?  I would really appreciate any insight you can give and I am certain that my clients would be totally grateful.  

I look forward to hearing from you!  :-)
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