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Name : Alina Frank, EFT Universe Trainer
City: Seattle or Langley
Zip : 98115 or 98260
Country : United States
State : Washington
Phone Number : 703.909.5469
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Sexual Healing 101
There are 4 types of sexual dysfunction: sexual pain disorders, orgasmic disorders, sexual arousal disorders, and sexual desire disorders. Luckily EFT can heal most of these quickly and easily. What these conditions have in common is the bodies physical manifestation to a trauma(s) from the past or "rectifying" a painful situation in the present. I have seen unresolved childhood sexual abuse show up as excessive menstrual bleeding and pain, vaginal atrophy, endometriosis, migraines, fibroids, weight issues, infertility, backaches, etc.

Something I see regularly in my partice is sexual arousal dysfunction stemming from the emotional rollercoaster ride of a couple who is having difficulty getting pregnant. Just try to maintain a sexually heightened state during IVF, sperm counts, basal temp. gauging and sterile clinical analysis of the "problem" There are times when doctors see a drop in libido due to fluctuating hormones such as after a baby is born or during menopause but as an energy psychology practitioner I want to investigate what caused the dip in the first place. Could it be that the pressures of adding a new member of the family or the fear of entering cronehood be the real culprits?

The little blue pill might help with creating blood flow to cause an erection but it actually does nothing for desire. The largest most powerful sexual organ is between the ears not between your legs! Figuring out why you subconscious don't really want to make love to your partner is the first step in permanent healing of any problem in the bedroom.

Let's admit that we want great sex. One recent study showed that the vast majority of adults rated their sex lives as the most important indicator of whether they were happy with their lives as a whole so get to it and clear any baggage that stands in the way of having an outrageous sex life!

The link  will take you to the 90 min radio interview I did with my partner on this topic. Enjoy!
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