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Q: How do I get my products to be featured in the products section?
Ans: Our featured products area requires that you set up an affiliate link for We have lowered out monthly fee from $29.95 to $9.95 but now require an affiliate link on products to keep costs low. Once you have set up the affiliate links email us at with the products and the affiliate logins and we will activate your products into the featured products area! Also let us know what the affiliate commission or percentage is on each product. If you do not have an affiliate program for your products we recommend using They are the most widely used shopping cart system on the web. With their system you can do email marketing, ad tracking, credit card processing with paypal integration, affiliate marketing and much more!
Q: How do the rankings on "My Account" work?
Ans: Rankings are based on a simple formula. We take the average score that you have (number of stars) and multiply it by the number of reviews. If you have an average score of 4 and you've have 10 reviews your score would be a 40 (4 x 10 = 40). The rankings is based on the highest total score. Thus, you can have an average score of 4 and be ranked higher than somebody with an average score of 5 if you have had more reviews. For areas where there is more than one review the total score for each area is added together to come up with a total score for that area (i.e. for videos, if you had 3 videos with scores of 20, 30 and 40 your total score would be 90)
Q: Can I see other people's scores?
Ans: No, you can not. :) The idea is not to make it a competition but rather to see where you stand in relation to others.
Q: How do you get to show up on the home page?
Ans: The practitioner's, products, blogs, etc with the 50 highest scores rotate in random order on the front page for each area (except workshops).



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