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Article : Our Best Intentions in Business are Often not Enough
Name : Susan Bushell
City: Guelph
State : Ontario
Country : Canada
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Lately I’ve been reading a lot about improving our intentions so we can be happier, healthier and more successful. It is often assumed that we have conscious control over our choices and that we can change our beliefs by simply changing our minds. Unfortunately 90% of the motivators behind our behaviours, choices and beliefs are in our subconscious beneath our awareness.

And worse yet, many of these motivators were established when we were small children and were hardwired to believe that the adults in our lives were always right.

However, the adults in our early lives may not have held the most positive beliefs themselves. Do these sound familiar? “The world isn’t a safe place” “I never get it right” “You have to work hard to get ahead” “Nobody understands me”

How might these beliefs affect your business? How might the belief “Nobody understands me” affect your vibrational energy when meeting business prospects? Would prospects be attracted to you and your services?

Believe it or not, your small child inside is running your business.

The good news is that learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an easy method for changing our vibration to a more positive belief system. Learning EFT takes a day and then all we need do is focus our intention on our negative beliefs and tap with our fingertips on acupressure points until a more positive perspective comes to our conscious mind. EFT is safe and can be done anywhere. You will begin to let go of the subconscious reasons you fear success, mistakes and failure and why you sabotage or procrastinate your efforts to improve your business.

When opening my own practice I know I held a lot of negative beliefs about whether I was good enough to help others even though I had been already doing that in other organizations for over 14 years. It’s incredible how in control our negative beliefs are! They even defy reality.

My beliefs were rooted in childhood and having learned intricate ways of feeling negative about myself. We are taught how to believe in ourselves or how to get in our own way and with most childhoods there is a bit of both. This conflict both pushes us and stops us in our tracks. No wonder there is so much stress when taking on a new venture. We are quite literally fighting with ourselves.

As well, safety is often a big part of why we hold back. Many of us have been taught that it’s not safe to be “out there”. It’s not safe to be visible, successful, good at what we do, better than others. We constantly fight with these old belief systems when thinking about taking our business to the next level. Opening up, becoming conscious of your underlying motivators and why you learned them, dissolving them with EFT and replacing them with positive belief systems about yourself and the business world will transform your business.

It will also transform you. Are you ready?

Imagine how truly believing “I deserve to be successful” might catapult your business forward. You can literally increase your income by tapping away negative beliefs about yourself and the world.

Consider taking a Beginners Level EFT course and perhaps then continue with a Specialty Workshop focusing just on Business or Fear. Attend a conference nearby. There are many worldwide. In Canada there are usually a number of EFT workshops at the Toronto Energy Psychology Conference and I personally enjoy the EFT Masterclass in the U.K.

If you already know EFT but are finding yourself stuck in business search this site for articles, tapping scripts and suggestions for helping businesspeople unwind their fear of success and failure. And don’t hesitate to ask for help. We now have many experienced EFT Practitioners worldwide. Talk to people in the EFT world and find a practitioner that fits your style of thinking, one whom attracts you energetically and thinks like you do.

EFT transforms lives.

Susan Bushell B.Sc.
Holistic Energy Therapist
EFT Practitioner Level 3
Paradigm Centre for Wellness
421 Woolwich St. Guelph
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