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Article : Releasing the shame of a secret food addiction
Name : JoAnn SkyWatcher
City: Ukiah
State : California
Country : United States
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During the second class of my I Love My Body series
(with an emphasis on losing weight) in the beautiful coastal village of
Mendocino, CA, I told the group that those who were brave enough to work with
me in front of the class would receive the greatest benefit. Those not willing
to stick their necks out would miss out big time. I then asked for a
volunteer, and a woman named Vicki stepped forward. She confessed that she had
a lot of shame about sneaking around her house eating chocolate candy and then
hiding the wrappers. I asked her who she was hiding them from and she told us
that it was her adult daughter.

What impressed me about Vicki was her willingness to trust both me and
the EFT process. Even though this was her first class and we had never met before,
Vicki was ready to jump off the cliff of her fears. I used Borrowing Benefits,
where everyone chose an issue that was related to their own body or food
issues. Everyone tapped along, repeating what I was guided (by Spirit) to have
Vicki say.

After the first round, Vicki dropped the intensity of the shame she felt
from a 10 to a 6. Then she told me that she just couldn't understand why she
was sneaking chocolate. She also said that there was a role reversal with her
daughter, and that her daughter would lay shame on her about her behavior. When
I heard that I had an ah-ha. In the second round, the set-up phrases I
used  addressed Vicki's inner child. They went something like this: Even

  • I am not sure why I sneak and eat chocolate, but I feel
    shame anyway, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Little Vicki thinks it is fun to sneak around so my
    daughter, who is acting like my mom, doesn't see what I am doing… and I forgive
    myself for playing this game.

  • It is fun to sneak and pretend that I am getting away with
    something—even though I really am not—I know that I am sneaking chocolate—it
    has been a fun game...

While we tapped, we called her daughter a bi**h, and that helped her laugh at
her situation. I always try to use humor to put light into previously
held heavy issues. Vicki was both laughing and crying as she tapped,
which brought her intensity down to a zero. Then someone offered her some
candy, which she calmly refused. She felt as though a miracle had happened.

During the next class, she shared with the group that she hadn't been sneaking
around hiding chocolate wrappers. Not only that, her daughter had noticed a
positive difference in her energy. As she spoke, Vicki literally beamed,
totally pleased with the shift in her behavior.

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