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Article : EFT helps with shingles pain
Name : JoAnn SkyWatcher
City: Ukiah
State : California
Country : United States
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“Kelsey” had been suffering painful attacks of shingles for the past three months.
She tried strong pain killers, but they made her sick. Not only that, the pharmacist told
her that the pain meds can cause lasting damage, so she decided she needed to get off the Advil
she'd been taking. Kelsey told me how the stinging pain seemed to come out of nowhere, and that it
usually appeared on the right side of her midriff. Some days the intensity level has been a 10/10.
Today, it was only a 4/10.

When I asked if anything major happened before her first shingles attack three months ago,
she couldn't think of anything. Then she told me all that had gone on in the last 13 years.
Her husband had a lengthy disease and she took care of him for three years. She had quite a
story to tell of all that she went through after his death. Now was quite a calm time—
compared to all that she been through during her husband's death, and shortly thereafter—
except for the shingles.

It didn't seem as though we were getting anything that was related to her present condition.
Then a thought seemed to just pop into my head. “Is there anybody that has gotten under your
I asked. Kelsey pondered on this question for a bit. She shared that there had been a
nice man that she had dated five years ago that she still felt sad about breaking it off with.
She shared that she wished it could have gone further than it did. He had a daughter named “Joyce.”
At first, Kelsey was quite fond of Joyce. However, there had been a situation in which Kelsey was invited to a
family event, and Joyce felt that Kelsey had acted like a baby.
The way she acted toward Kelsey's family was totally unacceptable to
her. Kelsey cut her out of her life. She said that she had worked on
not being connected and being distant (as a way to get back at Joyce).
At the time of the incident, her anger was of the highest intensity.
Today, it was still a “5,” and Kelsey was surprised that there was
still any charge. She really thought that she had handled it.

We tapped on her anger at Joyce's father
for just brushing it off. We tapped on how unacceptable Joyce's
behavior was to Kelsey. We tapped for about 10 minutes without
stopping, feeding back all of the stuff she had told me about what a Drama Queen Joyce was; what a big baby she was; how pissed off Kelsey was; and how resentful she had felt.
After finding out that she didn't mind cussing, I sprinkled in a few cuss words, and got the laughter flowing.

Asking Kelsey to close her eyes and go within, I asked her what level her anger was at now. She said it was down to
a “2.” Kelsey said that Joyce was rude, and that her behavior was inexcusable. So, the last couple of
rounds I had her tap on forgiving herself for allowing Joyce to get under her skin, and that it was OK to just let
Joyce be the way she is. When we stopped tapping she said, “I feel lighter than air.” Her anger intensity
level dropped to zero. I asked her what level her shingle pain was now (it had been a “5” when we started),
and with more than a touch of wonder in her voice replied that it was gone, too.

We did all of this in one hour. Kelsey didn't even know what EFT was (her friend gave her a free session as a gift).
I was able to explain where to tap over the phone (she didn't have a computer, so she couldn't see an EFT tapping
chart on-line either).

Here I am amazed again. I love what I (and you, and anyone) can do with EFT!

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