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Article : Prostate pain and urinary problems helped with EFT
Name : JoAnn SkyWatcher
City: Ukiah
State : California
Country : United States
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My husband and I visited some old friends of his (I had
never met them).  We spent the night at their country home.  “George”
(who is 57 years old) went to bed early because he was having pain from
his prostate problem.  I told him that I did a technique that might be
able to help, though I wasn’t sure because I had never worked on anyone
with that issue before.  We worked together for about an hour.  I told
George that in my experience, several things help with EFT working

  • Rapport with the practitioner (we had established rapport during dinner)
  • Willingness--he was incredibly willing for the pain to not be there
  • Persistence
  • Physical ways of changing energy: laughing, deeper breathing, crying, growling


asked George where the pain was.  He said that the tip of his penis
hurt.  Sometimes it gets up to an intensity level of 8 on a scale of 0
to 10.  At times, the pain goes all the way to his prostate gland.
 Tonight, it was 5 out of 10.  He also said that his doctor had
prescribed antibiotics and that he was trying to stay away from them as
much as possible.  He had been off antibiotics for a while.

Set-up phrases:

  • Even though my penis sometimes hurts like hell…
  • Even though my penis has a burning sensation ...
  • Even though my penis really hurts...

Reminder phrase: Penis pain

emphasis, I had him yell the different phrases.  Also, I had him tap
certain points for a prolonged time.  I worked hard to get him to
laugh, and eventually he did.  His pain dropped to 0 out of 10 in one round.


The next issue that we worked on was difficulty emptying his bladder.
 On average, he had to get up five times during the night.  He would
have to stand there for a long time before anything would come out.
 When it would, it would really hurt, and he would anticipate the pain.

Set-up phrases:

  • Even though it has been hard for me to pee…
  • Even though sometimes it only comes out in a dribble...
  • Even though when the pee only dribbles out it makes me feel like an old man and I hate that...
  • Even though sometimes I pee like an old man...

Reminder phrases: (I had him alternate)

  • It only dribbles
  • Pee comes out slowly

Set-up phrases:

  • Even though in the last couple of years my pee has come out slowly, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my penis
  • Even though my pee might come out slowly, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my penis
  • I forgive myself and my penis for anything that I may have done

Reminder phrases: (I had him alternate and had him imagine the positive images)

  • Even though it may come out in a dribble
  • And then again it may come out like a race horse
  • And sometimes just a dribble
  • I relax and let it flow like Niagara Falls
  • And sometimes it's slow and I relax
  • And let it flow like a fire hydrant
  • I just let it flow and go easy on myself
  • If I feel angry because it isn't flowing, I just let the anger flow easily out of my penis

told him when he got up to go to the bathroom to turn the faucet on (an
auditory reminder) and tap, then consciously breathe and use one of the

  • Peeing like a race horse
  • Let it flow like Niagara Falls
  • Flow like a fire hydrant

The next morning he reported:

  • He had gotten up fewer times
  • It was easier to pee
  • He wasn't feeling pain


noticed that before George would stand up that he would prepare for the
pain by tensing up his facial muscles (and other muscles, too).  I
brought this up to him, and asked him to close his eyes and imagine
himself being a vigorous 40-year-old man, breathing and standing up
easily.  Then we tapped.

Set-up phrases:

  • Even though I have been tensing my body before I stand up, and that anticipation of the pain has helped intensify the pain…
  • Even though by tensing my body before standing up has intensified the pain - I didn't know any better…
  • Now, before I stand up, I breathe slowly, relax and imagine that I am 40 years old, and then stand up easily.

 Reminder phrases:

  • Releasing fear of penis pain
  • It's easy to stand
  • Go away penis pain
  • It's easy to stand up
  • Releasing penis pain
  • Go away penis pain
  • I am aware of my relaxed body
  • It is easy for me to stand up

He was able to stand up without clenching his muscles in anticipation of the pain.

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