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Article : How to Get Rid of Resistance to Exercise
Name : JoAnn SkyWatcher
City: Ukiah
State : California
Country : United States
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Would you like to exercise more but just haven't been able to pull it off? Are you interested in some tips on motivating yourself to exercise? EFT is incredibly powerful in dealing with all kinds of conflicts. So, if part of you wants to exercise and another part doesn't -- that could be a conflict. There  may be other excuses (I mean reasons :-) that you have for not exercising -- you want to make sure to tap on those, too.
Here's some setup phrases that you can try,   Even though:
  • I know exercising is good for me, a part of me just doesn't want to do it, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself - even the lazy part.I know my body needs exercise, but I hate exercising ... and I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  •  I don't have enough time to exercise …
  • I don't know when I would fit exercising in …  
  • there's so many other things I would rather do than exercise …
  • exercise seems like a waste of time …
  • (Be sure to include all of your excuses and reasons why you haven't exercised)
When you say the setup phrases, you tap on your karate chop point (which is on the meaty part of your hand) with your fingertips or hit your karate chop points together.
Before you start tapping, remember to check the intensity of how much you do not want to exercise - with 10 being highest and zero for no resistance at all. Here's a link to the tapping points that I use.
 A reminder phrase helps you focus on your issue. “Exercise resistance,” and “hate to exercise,” are examples of simple reminder phrases. If you can come up with a reminder phrase that makes you chuckle, so much the better (I find humor to be incredibly powerful). Amusing reminder phrases are very particular to the individual, so what works for one person may not work for another. Some examples of funny reminder phrases could be ”lazy butt” or “couch potato.” Use the reminder phrase when you tap. Typically, you tap around seven times on each point.
When your intensity gets down to around three, you can start affirming the positive. Some examples:
  • I choose to fit exercise into my life
  • I choose to be aware of ways that I can be more energetic
  • I choose to use my body more often
  • I have fun using my bodyI experience joy using my body
  • It's easy and fun for me to move my body
  • I find creative ways to infuse movement into my life
  • I love using my body
Exercise can have a bad rap. Find ways to sneak moving your body into your life. You can do things like:
  • Be more aware when you move your body
  • Park farther away and walk more
  • Do housework vigorously
  • Choose to put the remote control down and get your body up and about more often
  • Put a spring in your step
  • Walk with more vigor
  • Do yard work
When I used EFT to motivate myself to exercise, I set my alarm
clock 30 minutes early, and then before I got out of bed, I would tap
on my resistance to exercising. After I cleared whatever was there for
me, I would jump out of bed and start my exercise routine. I have great
confidence that if you choose, you can find a way for EFT to work for
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