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Article : Emotional Weight Loss – Part one
Name : Andrew McCombe
City: Sydney
State : New South Wales
Country : Australia
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Do you ever feel

tired for no logical reason?

You may feel constantly tired because you are carrying a lot of unfinished


Unfinished business, what’s that you ask?

Unfinished business is simply all of the energy that you have put into many different goals in the past and even with all your good intentions you never actually saw the goal through to its completion.


this sound familiar?

Emotion is just ‘energy in motion’.

When you start to perform anything (put energy in motion) and then don’t complete it, the energy actually remains trapped in the past, which means it is not 100% available in the NOW, or present moment.

The key to allowing your emotions to flow freely on a day to day basis is to establish a system of Elimination, Expression and Excess.

In this article I will be addressing the need to establish a system of


By establishing a system of Elimination you are effectively providing an outlet to

remove unnecessary clutter in your life. This can be mental, emotional,

spiritual or physical clutter and often comes in the form of unfinished

business. That is, tasks you have started but not finished which can often lead

to toxicity, in your environment, in your living space, in your relationships,

in your direction and of course, in your physical body. 

Be aware that if you start something and do not finish it you are trapping energy

in the past. If you do not have 100% of your energy available in the present

you will not be as productive as you can possibly be. Therefore it is highly

important to create a system to eliminate any unfinished business or toxins in

your life.

Failure to establish a system of Elimination can lead to the symptoms of emotional dis ease in your life. Such symptoms include; toxicity, anxiety, stress, sadness, melancholy and depression.

The first week of the Activate Your Weight Loss Program is designated purely as a detoxification (or elimination) week. This system of Elimination is designed to rid your mind, body and emotions of any addictions, toxins or incomplete cycles

of energy that you may have stored

How to Eliminate Emotional Dis EASE

Use the following guidelines to provide you with an excellent system to assist you

to eliminate any emotional baggage you may still be storing in your past.

1.    Close off all unfinished business or incomplete cycles of action (work, finances, family, partner, friends, health and well being etc)

2.    Remove Toxic thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours from your mind simply by focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

3.    De-Clutter and simplify your life, your house, car, garage, wardrobe, office etc.Eliminate any old energy that no longer serves you.

4.    Make your life leaner and more purposeful.

5.    Give every situation or coincidence its due attention, every day regardless of how small it may seem, always address every situation with the respect it deserves and at the time it arises.

6.    If feeling frustrated, impatient or annoyed then ask what needs to be addressed at present. Ask your self; What is it that is causing my progression to be halted? Then ask what do I need to do in order to get my life flowing smoothly again?

 “Remove the Dam and the Water will Flow”

By eliminating the un finished business in your life you will allow your emotions

to become more positive which will make you feel a lot fresher and provide you

with the necessary energy to manifest your life of EASE.

Be sure to join me next issue when I address the second key to emotional weight

loss, establishing a system of Expression.

Remember to fill in your Unfinished Business Work Sheet below.

Unfinished Business Work Sheet

The following are some examples of unfinished business you may want to

complete.  Search the list and then add any other areas you think are relevant in your life.


Business to be completed:





Yes / No

Complete any cycles of

communication with others



Resolve any issues with

friends, family or colleagues



Organise financial records

( Tax Returns)



Retrieve any money owing

to you



Pay off all outstanding

money you owe (Credit card)



Remove yourself from

relationships that no longer serve you



Repair or remove anything

that doesn’t work



Return anything that you

have borrowed from others



Retrieve anything you have

lent to others



De-clutter and clean up

bedroom and / or house



Clean up wardrobe and

remove anything you don’t wear



De-clutter and clean up

car and garage



De-clutter and clean up

office or work station

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