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Article : New Years Resolutions that Work!
Name : Ellen Richter
City: huntington
State : New York
Country : United States
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January rolls around and with all the good intentions that you can muster up,
you start that list of self -improvements you would like to make this year.
Maybe you want to lose some weight, give up the booze or cigarettes, work fewer
hours, earn more money or land a new job. It sounds like a noble plan and there
is something about a new year that offers the promise of a new beginning. You
might feel that tingle of excitement and motivation as the start date for your
new lifestyle approaches. You tell all your friends and family of your
resolutions and maybe enlist their support and encouragement.  You feel motivated by their words and
are excited for the promise of a new beginning.

great, right? Well if you are like the majority of people who set New Year’s
resolutions, you will start off strong with a sense of determination on January
1st.  Unfortunately
though, within a few weeks or perhaps months (if you are really strong willed),
your willpower begins to fade and you find yourself returning  to your old habits . You feel defeated
and disappointed in yourself.

what went wrong? Why is it so hard to stick to the new plan and give up the
things you have determined are not good for you? Why do most New Year’s resolutions
fail before the first quarter of the year is through?

answer is all in your head! Studies show that over ninety percent of your
thoughts and behaviors are controlled by the subconscious mind, outside of your
conscious awareness. Beliefs that you have picked up at an early age cause you
to form expectations about the world and 
drive your behavior on a daily basis. They cause you to do things that
sometimes make no rational sense to your conscious mind and are the reason for
self-sabatoge of your best -laid plans

what’s the good new? The subconscious mind can be easily reprogrammed. You can
tap into your subconscious through meditation, visualizations and EFT, the most
advanced form of energy psychology. You can reprogram it at any time to be in
alignment with your conscious choices. And when you do, the Law of Attraction
takes hold and brings you the situations, choices and circumstances to become
the new and improved version of you. Making the choices that fit the new
picture of you then becomes effortless. This is the key to success.

let’s apply this to those New Year’s resolutions. Those come from a motivated
place of your conscious mind to live a better life. A rational decision that
smoking or eating too much or working too hard is not good for you. A conscious
desire to change the behavior. 
Sounds good. However, without dissolving the old patterns in your energy
system and  subconscious mind, you
will eventually fail. If you are carrying around beliefs and images and an
inner knowing that you are an overweight person, you will not be able to become
thin by using sheer will power. If you learned long ago that life is a
struggle, then the best laid resolution to find more leisure time will just not
manifest for you.

(emotional freedom techniques) to the rescue. EFT is based on acupuncture but
involves tapping with your fingertips on energy meridian endpoints to clear out
energy disruptions and bust your old programming. It is one of the most
advanced forms of Energy Psychology and is bringing rapid relief to people
around the world. . Emotional Freedom Technique rebalances the energetic
disruptions in just minutes, virtually rewiring the body and restoring balance.

having a tool that in moments can dissolve your insatiable cravings for that
pint of ice cream or cigarette. Imagine clearing the underlying emotions out of
your system so they no longer run the show. Food becomes an ally for your
health instead of your enemy, and your weight naturally stabilizes.

yourself at work with an approaching deadline, a never-ending workload and
people pulling at you from all directions. You feel the tension rising and are
ready to blow your stack. Instead of losing your temper or reaching for that
cigarette or manifesting a headache, you tap for a few minutes and feel the
stress melt away. You are now relaxed, centered and much more productive!

you play golf or tennis? What if you could take a few strokes off your game?
What if you could take a few minutes to tap before you play your next tennis
match and emerge on the court calmer, more confident and laser focused by
reducing negative self-chatter and performance anxiety?


makes the internal changes required for any external changes desired. It
restore inner balance to your body clearing the way to tap in new empowering
beliefs and images in alignment with those resolutions set by your conscious
mind. Tap to a new you this year!

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