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Article : Why You Aren't Thin Yet
Name : Mia Doucet
City: London
State : Ontario
Country : Canada
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Why You Aren't Thin Yet

This report is not intended to be taken as any kind of medical or other professional advice.

By Mia Doucet
© MMX - MMXII Mia Doucet
All Rights Reserved

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I have no formal medical training. But . . . what has your doctor's advice concerning diet and exercise done for you so far?

The Invisible Barrier To Weight Loss

The fact that you're reading this report means you're already aware that there's a big, big gap between knowing what you ought to do to lose weight and doing it. Like the women who seek me out, you are a smart, positive, professional woman who knows what she needs to do to slim down. After all, you're good at it . . . you've done it more than once. You just can't seem to stick to it to get the results you're after.

That's because there is something about the process of losing weight and maintaining weight loss that triggers something else inside us. At a much deeper level, something is stopping us from doing what we consciously want to do. As much as we want to be slim, there is a part of us that, for some reason, wants to maintain the status quo. It's invisible. Hidden. Intrinsic.

Why You Can't Lose Weight

The part that doesn't want to change accounts for the reason over 95% of weight loss programs fail in the long run. Quite simply, our brain and our body are not cooperating with our intention to lose weight or keep it off. We know what we're supposed to do and we aren't doing it. The result is a never-ending inner conflict. Every woman I work with has this inner conflict. Some more than others. Over time, the conflict breeds a sense of powerlessness and can lead to moments of despair and discouragement. It's heartbreaking really.

When you begin to resolve the reasons for the inner conflict at the core of your weight issue, then you'll free yourself to lose your extra weight, once and for all.

"I Lost A Pound So I Bought Myself A Tub Of Ice Cream."

Inner conflict shows up as self-sabotage in various forms. (I'll have more to say on that in a moment.) The following are all just symptoms of something that is going on at much deeper levels than most weight programs take into account. This of course, is why they fail.

Does any of this sound like anyone you know? ?

Out-of-control cravings, binge eating for instant gratification after a stressful day, uncontrollable urges to eat, even when you're not hungry, mindless eating to keep up socially.

Collusion with others. (Do you allow anyone to influence your decisions around food choices? Is there anyone in your life who may feel threatened if you change your ways?) One of my clients who also happens to be the most powerful woman I know, said, dead serious, "I can't possibly lose weight if my husband keeps buying stuff that keeps me at 180 pounds!"

Little acts of rebellion. We find creative, ingenious ways to sabotage ourselves. We fix it so we'll have no energy to prepare food. No energy to diet. No energy to exercise. We give ourselves aches and pains. We raid the fridge when somebody makes us mad (it's their fault). We kid ourselves into thinking that liquid calories don't count. That what we eat when nobody's watching doesn't count. That it's okay to treat ourselves with a Snickers bar because it has nuts in it and nuts are good for you. (Now, if you think I’m taking this a little far, I want to assure you I'm not making this up!)

Is Your Mind Keeping You Fat?

A few lone voices out there are telling us that we have to change our thinking in order to lose weight. One weight loss coach says that "the only way to achieve lasting and permanent weight loss is to change your thinking."

I agree with her to some extent. When I ask my clients "What percentage of the time do you think about food or about how much you weigh?" most of them say 80% or more. If you know anything about how the mind works, you know that what we focus on grows. It just creates more of same . . . in this case, more weight issues.

So the approach that says we have to change our thinking is more accurate, closer to the truth, and a whole lot more honest than most weight loss solutions for sure. Our thoughts are certainly important. Everything starts with a thought.

But how do you kill a craving with a thought?

You don't.

So there's more to losing weight than just changing our thinking.

That is because of that huge gap between thinking and doing. The huge gap between wanting to be slim and giving in to a craving. The huge gap between what appears to be self-sabotage and the true cause of our conflict around weight. Unless you bridge that gap, losing the weight will be incredibly difficult and regaining it, far too easy.

Why You Aren't Thin Yet

The reason you have not found the solution you've been looking for is that no weight loss program you've tried has addressed the root cause of your weight problem.

Any quantum physicist will tell you that every seen problem has an unseen cause. Think of your extra weight as the seen problem. It has unseen causes. If we want to solve the problem, we need to look deeper than the symptoms.

We'll get to the root cause in just a moment, but first let's talk about the connection between weight, emotions and our relationship to food.

Deep Emotional Triggers

We all know about eating for reasons beyond satisfying our normal physical hunger, eating as a way of dealing with stress, using food as comfort, eating as an escape, eating as a coping skill (when, as they say, we medicate ourselves with food), using food as a quick fix to all of life's problems.

It's a way to avoid unwanted feelings or emotions. We may be eating to avoid feelings of fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety, unexpressed anger or depression (which I think of as anger without the wonderful little buzz we get from lashing out). Whatever . . . there is always a deeper emotion underlying our overweight.

Many of us associate food with love. We say we love food and we let food control us. We engage in what looks rather like a messy, one-way love affair. (As others have said, the food certainly doesn't love us in return . . . it leaves us with the unhappy consequences!) In that case, the solution is to sever our emotional connection to food. Luckily, it isn't that hard once the emotion is under control.

What Is The Unseen Cause?

But where are those emotions and feelings coming from? They're coming from inside us. Our brain keeps recreating pictures and sensations from memories of previous experiences, often from our early childhood when we were too young to take charge of our lives. The pictures, sensations and deep emotional triggers continue to play in our minds 24 hours a day. Non-stop. And not just in our minds. That is the unconscious programming that is running our life.

It explains why, after a certain age, we begin to see distinct differences between the patterns in our lives and other people's lives.

The Invisible Tug-Of-War

Now here's the thing. You and I have both a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. If our conscious mind wants one thing (I want to be slim and gorgeous again) and our subconscious mind wants another, we're going to have conflict. That inner conflict will show up as self-sabotage or resistance or cravings or addictions or feelings of powerlessness.

Decades ago, brain scientists at Yale and Stanford determined that our mind is like an iceberg. The 90-95% that we cannot see is sub-conscious. Because the subconscious is so much more powerful than the conscious, when there is conflict the subconscious wins every time.

Still, we have to find a way to resolve the inner conflict between our conscious intention to lose weight and our subconscious intention to hold on to our weight.

The only way I know of to clear the conflict is to take conscious control, change the pattern, disrupt the negative energy.

And how do we do that? Through tapping on the body's meridian system. Lucky for us all, it's absolutely painless. The reason tapping works is that the brain uses the meridian system to trigger the body to respond. Go to if you want to learn more about how you can Get Thin In 7 Minutes A Day with meridian tapping.

What You Have To Do To Be Thin

Weight loss is not just about how to adjust your metabolism through diet, exercise and nutritional supplements. Not even close. Companies that promise you that are economical with the truth.

You can see, can't you, that if you go on a diet, cut out the sweet, fat and salty and with great discipline you accomplish your mission and get skinny, if you don't change the underlying psychological reasons why you eat the way you do . . . if you don't resolve the underlying emotions . . . if you don't change what your brain is constantly creating . . . you'll go back to your old ways? You'll go back to what is familiar and habitual?

But once you resolve the unseen causes, the weight (which is only a symptom, after all) just falls away. No more self-sabotage. No more inner conflict. No more self-hatred. No more sense of deprivation. No more resistance. The results are always stunning.

If this all makes sense to you, then I invite you to contact me at or call me directly:

519-679-8734 / 800-240-8734 [Canada: May - November]
941-493-8961 [USA: November - May]

I may just help you get thin again!

About Mia Doucet

Who am I? And why should you listen to me?

I am the founder of Get Thin In 7 Minutes A Day, a program that guarantees weight loss through resolving the inner conflict associated with weight.

Following a career in education, travel, manufacturing and banking, I was a self-employed consultant, coach and trainer. My clients included global Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 manufacturing firms seeking to increase their profits in Asia.

When the economy took a nose dive in late 2008 and one contract after another got cancelled or postponed, I decided to retire from corporate work and work with people on a deep personal level. Which is what I have always done best.

I decided to delve deeper into the practice of Energy Psychology. I first specialized in working with women to dissolve all traces of trauma, abuse and childhood molestation . . . and all the anger, anguish, anxiety, guilt, stress, sorrow, self-blame, depression and low self-esteem that accompany trauma and abuse.

To my surprise, after one or two sessions, most women would say that what they really wanted to work on was their weight.

If that's what was deepest in women's hearts, that's where I wanted to work. In my previous career, 90% of my clients were automotive engineers and 95 % of them were men. One of
the reasons we got along so well is that, like them, I was 100% focused on results.

What a joy now for me to work with women to help them feel new again, reenergized, happy about themselves . . . getting results with a technique that is known to only a handful of people.

I believe in my heart that if you cannot lose weight and keep it off with my method, then nothing will work for you. That's why I offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If at the end of any session you are not happy with the results we achieve together, I don't deserve your money and you get a full refund.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I have no formal medical training. But . . . what has your doctor's advice concerning diet and exercise done for you so far?
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