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Article : Do you also argue for your limitations?
Name : Bennie Naude
City: London
State : Greater London
Country : United Kingdom
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At a recent group lunch I sat next to Susan, a woman in her 50’s (she told, I didn’t ask!).

We’d never met but I was told beforehand by one of her friends that she was a very talented artist who created extraordinary paintings and beautiful jewellery.

Over delicious food, great wine, conversation and laughter, I asked Susan about her art and how she worked. Here’s more or less how the conversation went.

Me: So you’re doing your art full-time?

Susan (shaking her head): O no, I cannot possibly do it full-time; only on weekends.

Me: How is that?

Susan: I also have a day time job to be able to pay the bills.

Me: How is it that your artwork doesn’t pay the bills?

Susan (now vigorously shaking her head and looking at me like I was stupid): O no, that will never work!

Me: Because…?

Susan: Because people would never pay me enough!

Me: O really? How is that?

Susan: Because were in a recession!

Me: That’s interesting because my business is growing exponentially at the moment.
Back to you though – what does the recession have to do with you?

Susan: Because people aren’t buying art at the moment!

Me (only warming up): Ah I see, NOBODY is buying art at the moment?

Susan: No, artists barely survive in this world, you know.

Me: Ah, so there are no wealthy artists in the world?

Susan: Well of course there are but that won’t happen for me!

Me: How do you know?

Susan: Well I’m not as good as they are!

Me: How do you know? I heard that you were exceptionally talented and that, for example, corporations love displaying your work in their offices. What if there were people out there who would LOVE to buy your work?

Susan: No, I’ll never be able to earn enough through my art to sustain my lifestyle.

[She'd told me earlier that she was in a ‘day’ job that paid well and that she did not particularly enjoy.]

Besides, I’m too old to change now, I’ll just have to wait until I retire in 8 years’ time.

Me: So nobody in their 50’s has ever swapped a job they disliked for something they are passionate about and became successful at it?

Susan: Well ... Could you pass me the water please?

I realised in that moment that that part of our conversation had run its course.

I also knew that I would be writing about it because here’s the thing: Susan is right on every point she made:

  • That the world was in recession
  • That no-one had the money to pay her well for her art
  • That she was not good enough as an artist
  • That she could not be financially successful through her art which she loved
  • That she was too old to change, it was 'too late'
  • That she needed her day-job to pay the bills
  • That she had to stay in a job she disliked for another 8 years to support herself financially

She would only have to look at her life or read a newspaper to see how justified she was in having these beliefs, and she will continue to be right until she changed her mind.

The thing is, it’s not that she believes those things because they are true.

Rather, those things are true because she believes it.

Our beliefs create our reality – not the other way around. As within, so without.

Whatever you believe in must come to manifest – by universal law. The more she gathers proof that these beliefs are right and the more she defends them and argues for them, the more they will be true for her.

Just like an wealthy artist will 'know' that there are still enough people with enough money in the world to pay them well for their art and that 'of course' they could make a living doing what they love!

Susan (just like you and me and everyone else) has free choice to believe whatever she wants, and to create her reality accordingly. There is no wrong, no right and no judgement, no-one and no-thing to blame – just reality created from the inside out.

Think about this: how often do you argue for your limitations? How often do you say “Yes, but…” or “I cannot, because”?

Listen to the way people speak and you’ll hear it everywhere: on the news, in the newspapers, in politics, in every-day life - people arguing for their limitations and having reasons why they cannot be successful, happy, fit etc.

How much longer do you want to argue for your limitations, defend, explain and justify them … and get to be right?

Why not do something different?

Why not make a list every day for the next month on why you CAN succeed, why you CAN be happy, why you ARE good enough?

Change the way you think and start arguing for your success; as you change your thoughts and the way you speak, everything changes…

When was the last time you heard a professional athlete saying “Well I’m not really sure that I’m good enough, I mean maybe I can try but it seems a bit pointless because I probably won’t make it anyway; I just don’t think that I have a realistic chance to win, you know? Just look at how few athletes really succeed; most never make it. When I look at my opponents – they are so much better than me that there is no way I can ever be as good as they are.”

I’ve never heard that either, yet that’s exactly what a lot of people do every day, and people around them simply nod their heads in collusion and agreement.

Think about it…

The only one that can change is you and the world is just a reflection of your inner world. Nobody’s coming to rescue you and tomorrow won’t be different unless you are.

It’s up to you, you and 100% you and yes, you CAN!

Now I invite you to visit for Free Instant Access to find out how you can create wealth the only way you ever can - From the Inside Out.

Best wishes
Bennie Naude

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